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Ellysyn and The Justice Girls

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Ellysyn and The Justice Girls

So this is her current Bio for Champions Online.

Real Name: Unknown

Stage Name: Jane Felicia

Code name: Ellysyn

Rank: Big Sister

Personal Skills: Peek athletic performance. Musical talents. Plays guitar and can sing.

Combat Skills: Amateur Marksman. Amateur swordsman. Amateur Melee. Amateur Hand to hand. Has learned to mix Martial Arts with Pistols.

Weapons: Dual wielding One Handed Swords. Pistols. Shotguns.

Special skills: Due to her high Will she has extreme resistance to all mental attacks. If placed under any form of mental assault she is able to weaken and break the spell.

Bio: In High School she found herself with a love for the electric guitar. She then formed a band which jokingly was called Always Dead due to its slow and emotional songs. As the band rose to fame their music style changed but their name stayed the same as to not confuse fans. Her rise to fame took a turn for the worse when her boyfriend was killed in a street race. His employer Guy Sweetland then broke his deal and ruined her entire career and credibility.

Her life took another change when her boyfriend returned from the dead under the direction of a powerful undead villain. Her band was kidnapped for sacrifices. She sought the help of the Justice Girls in order to stop him and save her band. It was not long before she found herself become the newly appointed leader of the Justice Girls.

With the help of her sisters, she has gone through extensive training in various forms of combat and dexterity. Still a long way from being any kind of pro such as her sisters, she has shown great improvement from when she first joined the JG. Her reflexes have shown the most improvement as she has learned to incorporate even small firearms such as pistols into her close combat fighting skills.

Under the suggestion of her closet sisters she has started to write songs and work on her playing and singing skills. With her sisters picking up where her band left off they are going to help her get back out on the scene and release her first CD. Ellysyn Unplugged.

I have been writing her actual story as well as the story of the Justice girls which you can find at the following link if you are interested. It's pretty long so be ready for a long read. ^_^

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