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Ellys JG

Third time is a charm hopefully this thread doesn't break. I'm Ellysyn, Leader of The Justice Girls CO and SWTOR. We are bringing our chapter to City of Titans and are looking for recruits so that once the game is up and running we will be ready and golden to head out and keep the city safe. We are an all female themed supergroup. You don't have to be a female in real life. Only your toon has to be female gender. We are a RP friendly group. We have from non to heavy RP sisters. You can find us at . You can join us there and also read the currently ongoing story of how this chapters Justice Girl's came to be. And in the event this thread breaks for some mystery reason. Just send me a PM and I can fill you in and direct you where to go.

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Sorry, Ellysyn. It looks like

Sorry, Ellysyn. It looks like Goldenrod is ending up in Titan's Legacy. The Falcon isn't qualified. Lianre may or may not make it to Earth. Fortunately, another female hero is waiting in the wings. She'll be going by the name AIko, and she'd be happy to join the Justice Girls.

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