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At least 16GB of main DRAM.
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Dr. Harlan P. Loveless

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Dr. Harlan P. Loveless

Profile on: Dr. Harlan P. Loveless
Previously Professor of Ancient Languages from 2002-2007 - Salem State University, MA
Now an independent paranormal researcher from 2010-present
Committed to New England Psychiatric Hospital from 2007-2010

Vladivostok, Russia - November 12, 2006: An ancient religious landmark was unearthed by a team of researchers hoping to find the lost ancient civilization of Misk'ai. However, while investigating these ruins, the expedition unwittingly crossed through a portal to another world- a parallel universe where the visible light spectrum reveals inconceivable creatures that inhabit all possible physical dimensions. The enormity of these matter-gods, abstract beings who feed on timelines, were too much for the researchers' minds to comprehend. The Omni-Dimensional being Azaggoth gorged itself on the pasts and futures of these men, leaving their present selves trapped in the alien world for eternity, with nothing to experience except the ever-changing shapes that make up the monstrosities in front of them.
Of the researchers, Dr. Harlan P. Loveless from Salem State University was last through the otherworldly portal. Due to a weak constitution and a friendly bet gone awry with local Russians, Dr. Loveless was inebriated that morning, struggling to keep up with his determined archeologist colleagues. Stumbling through the ruins, Harlan eventually found himself walking in the domain of the Omni-Dimensional Ones, and through a stroke of luck his mind's haze was still able to discern the unparalleled threat presented by the shapechanging behemoths surrounding him. Harlan was able to escape the ruins before Azaggoth claimed his present, past & future. Despite this mercy, Harlan was still cursed with the knowledge that the universe will always have something to fear.
Harlan is able to remain relatively sane and presentable through willpower alone - however, he is in constant mental strain due to seeing and surviving the Omni-Dimensional Azaggoth. The encounter continues to haunt him due to both his inability to comprehend the entity and being the sole survivor of the accidental expedition to Azaggoth's home dimension. Now, finally in control of his psyche and hardened by his recovery efforts, he seeks more knowledge of other-dimensional entities and their plans concerning humanity.
Harlan is now cosmically aware of the unknown, and with it several abilities that allow him to survive encounters with the paranormal. Harlan inherently has a high resistance to psychic attack and is able to see and interact with otherwise invisible entities from both this dimension and ones beyond human comprehension. As a paranormal investigator, Harlan seeks cases too strange for the police of the natural world - his intellect and relentless pursuit of the truth allows him to look at these cases in a unique light.

37 years old
6'3", slim/lean build
Thick, brown, ungroomed hair, thick eyebrows
Rough facial features/stubble

-Brown leather jacket w/ fur collar, "aviator" style
-Blue dress shirt w/loose purple tie
-Black work pants
-Brown leather holster
-Colt Python 357 service revolver
-Brown leather boots, Red Wing style
-Gold Rolex Superlative wristwatch w/black leather band
-Silver knock-off wristwatch further up the wrist
-Grey satchel

-Medium sized silver flask filled with cheap scotches
-Large water canteen
-Copy of the Necronomicon
-Copies of various ancient language reference books
-Several ammo boxes of lead & silver 357 rounds
-Large medical kit with bandages, suture, medicine, etc.
-Handheld tape recorder/research equipment

-Omni-Dimensional vision: can see and interact with invisible or other-dimensional entities
-High Mental Resistance: resistant to mental control & telepathy
-Psyche Conditioning: ability to comprehend highly complex anomalies without seriously damaging his psyche & sanity
-Ancient Languages: expert knowledge of various ancient and supernaturally-linked languages
-Investigation: Harlan has studied investigative techniques to hone his detective skills, instincts and wit.
-Combat: superior conditioning and marksmanship training

- Dr. Harlan P. Loveless