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Did I fund the Kickstarter?

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Did I fund the Kickstarter?

Hi guys...

I have been a signed up member as soon as I found out about the possible resurrection/rebirth of my all time favourite MMO. That was 3 years and 6 months ago, apparently...

Now I have a vague recall that I put something in to kickstarter on it, but have no way (that I know) of finding out.

can someone advise me on how I can find out?!

As the project comes close to Beta, I would LOVE to participate (as I am sure everyone else would too!)

thanks guys

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If you still have the login

If you still have the login details to Kickstarter then just log in there and in the upper right corner you can get a fold-out that contains recently backed projects with link to all backed ones, and from there you can go to them to see how much you backed them for.

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And if you don't have the

And if you don't have the login details to Kickstarter but do have the same email account, there is a "recover password" button on the login window. It does seem to require access to the same email account, though. Good luck!

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