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Dare i say it, Dual/Multi-boxing?

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Dare i say it, Dual/Multi-boxing?

I myself had boxed while playing City of heroes - The act of playing multiple accounts at once. I`m sincerely hoping that this will be allowed here in CoT as it was in CoX, right? As it`s generally used as terms everywhere else, there cannot be any third-party software and botting is absolutely prohibited. At this, I`ve never used third-party software or anything taboo to destroy other players' experiences in a game. I played for years under my three characters, playing As three characters. This didn`t affect anything against PVP, because logically, Multi-boxing may give a person an advantage against a single character, but so would a group of individually controlled characters. 5 vs 1 will always be 5 vs 1. Multi-boxers have a great many weaknesses, that a team of 5 characters would not.

And thus upon CoX closing, I`ve been struggling to find a game to call home. would I be able to call CoT my new home? I`ve been nothing but excited lately looking over the phoenix project, donating what I can spare to Kickstarter and updating myself in the forums frequently, but I`ve kept quiet until just about now. Is there any hope to my dream?

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No one a MWM has ever said

No one at MWM has ever said anything against multi-boxing. After all, it's more income. :)

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And some KS backers may

And some KS backers may already be planning on using their "extra copy of the game" to multibox...

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