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Cutscene Freedom

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Cutscene Freedom

In the recent update on the mission creator, cutscenes were mentioned at about 1:00 into the video.

I wanted to discuss how detailed these cutscenes should be.

Some camera effects were shown off in the demo, which is great! I would hope we're allowed great freedom with the camera, but how do you make it user-friendly?

I assume -- maybe wrongly -- that it'll be emote heavy. I'd extend it to all power animations too. E.g., so a hero can be shown to be attacked with some grand assault.

And, how much should we allow the PC to be a part of the cutscenes, forcing the character (or I suppose giving a list of options to the character) to do certain emotes or whathaveyou.

I always side on giving players the freedom to take risks in UGC (user-generated content). "Enough rope to hang yourself" so to say. If you take control of the PC in a way that's anti-lore to the creator of the PC, you suffer whatever rating system is employed.

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