Creative Challenge: Who is this guy? What can he do? Part Two

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Creative Challenge: Who is this guy? What can he do? Part Two

Just like before, no stats are needed, just a creative paragraph or two. Who is he> Hero or villain? What are his powers?

Kiyori Anoyui
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Name: Brink

Name: Brink

His main power is to manipulate wind. He uses his sleeves to fly and they are also able to wrap around him and grants invisibility. He is a thief to make a living, but he defends those who are the underdogs.

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Name: Jak Iro Stevens

Name: Jak Iro Stevens
Birthplace: Yokota Air Base
Birth Date: 7/17/99

Jak is a half japanese cyber criminal who uses explosive microbots to rob the Yakuza. His long robes contain thousands of paper shaped microbots telekenetically linked to Jak. In large groups they can give Jak the ability to appear near invisible, fly, can soak up some damage if he is attacked.

Jak prefers stealth over force but likes to end his self appointed missions in a bang. Every microbot has a small nuclear core that Jak uses offensively if he is caught or must erase all evidence from a scene.

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Name: Yemon Kimura

Name: Yemon Kimura
Born: Sapporo, Hakkaido, Japan

Backstory: Yemon was born to a middle-income rather invisible family. When he was very young, the cherry blossoms would seem to gravitate towards him. It wouldn't be the first time a nature-powered child was blessed in that region, as it happened about once every generation, but that was a misdiagnosis. His powers were not what people thought. In time it became clear that what he really controlled was dead plant material. He hadn't been blessed by a nature spirit at all. He could not heal or grow, only destroy. To make matters worse, he couldn't even lift heavy dead plants like logs, and so his power was almost useless... until he started using paper. After this, he was deemed a public danger and sequestered into the services of a state-controlled meta squad.

Power description: Paper may not seem dangerous, but Yemon is practically a demon. His jacket is made of thousands of paper squares folded in on each other. He can throw out paper at will in any or all directions with enough velocity to cut through metal. He can even grind paper against itself to start a fire almost instantly. He has laced the red pages with a material that only explodes from friction, and uses this to make on-the-fly paper-bombs. He lacks much in the way of defense, but makes up for this with quick acrobatic movements aided by his paper jacket.

Current events: He was taken from his family rather abruptly. He's still finding his way, but becoming way too cocky in the process. A string of victories has left him increasingly reckless. This recklessness almost got him killed, but then his eyes changed color and the paper turned into a blender that killed everything around him. It didn't just kill the attackers, but reduced their bodies to tiny strips no bigger than confetti. He claims he doesn't know what happened, but has been heard talking to himself, even arguing...

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Ying Lau

Ying Lau
AT: Gunner
Primary: Atrophic Blast
Secondary: Super Reflexes
Tertiary: Fighting Prowess

Ying Lau is a member of the 5 dragons metal branch who combines his knowledge of explosives and metal magic to deadly effect. He's kind of like Junkrat from overwatch if he was also a ninja.

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A Lotus Hills denizen of ill repute, Surfgate used its portals for fun and mischief. Its greatest stunt involved placing innocent-looking gates in Titan City's Chinatown that led instead to China. The more honorable powers of Lotus Hill did not get the joke and banished Surfgate to the exile of its last portal. This constraint proved insufficient for Surfgate's ambiguous reality powers. Surfgate continues to mock the world astride its last remaining portal, laying waste to its gaolers with all the resources of China .

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