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Creative Challenge: Who is this guy? What can he do?

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Creative Challenge: Who is this guy? What can he do?

I'm looking more for a paragraph or two about the character, not a COT breakdown of his powers.
is he a hero or villain? What are his main powers? What is his motivation?
Tell me in prose, not statistics.

OK create!

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I see him kind of a Ra's Al

I see him kind of a Ra's Al Ghul kind of villain. Probably has dominion over a country or maybe just some sort of organization. Main powers are some sort of supernatural enhancement to his strength and speed, coupled with his martial arts training, his intellect, and the ability to fly (from a mystical medallion) he's a dangerous foe.

Edit: fixed typo

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Vincent Von Ghast was born in

Vincent Von Ghast was born in the 18th century into the pit of vipers that was medieval politics. When he was 8 he saw his uncle murder his Father the king in cold blood in attempt to put a gullible child on the throne to manipulate for his own gain, but Vincent instead adapted, growing cold and bitter, and quickly learning the ways of his twisted land. Now as someone who paid to become a vampire, he has lived to the modern age. Vincent after growing up in a pit of vipers, has come to believe that only through pure and utter order can evil truely die, and he has turned this into his life purpose to conquer the world.

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Cyclops wrote:
Cyclops wrote:

I'm looking more for a paragraph or two about the character, not a COT breakdown of his powers.
is he a hero or villain? What are his main powers? What is his motivation?
Tell me in prose, not statistics.
OK create!

I see two paths for this being....but first the name....

EMERITUS........(just came to me, run with it!)

Either he is.....

Emeritus, The Wayfarer:
Mysterious being from Between. With Sorcerorous Dr. Strange/Fate type powers, he is known only to a few, but whispered about by many. Seeming always to be around a corner for those that need his guidance (whether they know/accept it or not!), those that need him shall, at the right time, find his layer, the Watchtower upon the Hill. There, he shall guide the chosen ones, Great or Terrible, to their Destiny.......and perhaps, their Fate......

OR! he is........

Count Emeritus, The Despotive:
Ruler of a kingdom of Magic hidden away from the advances of the world, but no stranger to technology, he believes his society, Rule-of-the-Strong by nature, to be the ultimate in human evolution, he will seek out those he deem worthy to further the cause of his country, and combat them. Those that survive the Onslaught of his Count nefaria style super strength and invulnverability for long enough, will be considered strong enough to serve him. Be warned though, his power is truly Unearthly!

edited because I apparently cant spell gud :P

On the edge of your Perceptions......
Turn away and feel his hand upon your shoulder.....
Look for him and he shall not exist.....
in the middle of the crowd....lost in the faces....
Stands a Figure....of Gray......

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(No subject)

CoH player from April 25, 2004 to November 30, 2012

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As Titanstan's premier

As Titanstan's premier astromancer, The Vizier spent all of his days and nights in the Vulture's Nest, high above the city. There he would augur the finer points of future politics using his handy Mataharial spyglass. The Vizer's claircognizance of the kingdom knew no rival, yet he chafed at the bit to know what went on beyond the limits of his graphics card view. One day a small bird bounced lifeless off the shields that protected the Vulture's Nest. Following the bird's fatal plunge to the ground, the Vizier looked upon the ground for the first time. He was surprised to find the ground was even higher resolution clearer than the horizon. Driven by skills more attuned to diplomacy than science, The Vizier deduced that he should thusly see the horizon more clearly from the ground. At once he grabbed his favorite soymilkskin and tied it to his waist with a pillow case. Then he strode out into the big wide world for the first time.

He squinted. From down among the buildings he could no longer see the horizon. For the first time in his life he felt unrestricted. Unlimited. Super. Moments later he would take to the air to explore the world.

"The illusion which exalts us is dearer to us than ten thousand truths." - Pushkin
"One piece of flair is all I need." - Sister Silicon

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Captain Victor Cronley of the

Captain Victor Cronley of the infamous "Pacific Ghosts" pirates lead a life filled with action, adventure, and a less than appropriate amount of swashbuckling. On one such adventure on an unmapped island in a vast expanse of uncharted water, he and his crew happened upon a hoard of treasure guarded by a lone, faded sign.

"For every piece taken, blood must be spilled."

Cronley and his crew had faced countless "curses" and taken the treasures they guarded with no fear, this one was no different. His crew loaded the ship with gold and jewels, trinkets and baubles, paintings and statues. Their greed grew with each piece they took. Finally, with every last gold coin stripped from the island, they set sail. Not long after, the crew realized their mistake. They had taken too much, and the ship was far too heavy; it was slowly sinking under the massive weight of the gold.

For hours they bickered over what to do with the gold. None suggested throwing it overboard. The bickering grew into shouting, the shouting grew into a brawl. As soon as it had started, Cronley drew his pistol and fired a shot harmlessly into the air and the fighting ceased.

"There is only one way we are getting out of this. We simply need to dump the useless weight." Cronley declared.

And with that simple statement, Cronley shot his nearest crewmate, sending his lifeless body over the edge of the ship. Chaos erupted as former crewmates turned against each other, coating the deck of the ship in crimson blood. The violence continued long into the night, with the corpses of the crew strewn across the open sea. Finally, only one man was left standing, covered in blood. Cronley looked across his ship in a daze, his eyes finally resting upon the treasure. He smiled.

"Looks like I'll need to find another crew."

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Anyone else see Emperor Cole

Anyone else see Emperor Cole 150 years ago? :p

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"

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Shazir Il-Fiad stepped onto

Shazir Il-Fiad stepped onto the docks. This was like a city he had never seen. Everything light bright but not with fire or lantern. The locals on the dock speaking strange tongues. Shazir had inherited his fathers dagger and spyglass. The spyglass was said to see into the hearts of whoever he looked at and the dagger, the dagger was said to take the wielder to where he or she was needed most.

Shazir was not a well known magician, not like his father. Clearly nothing like his father. How had his father created a weapon that could cause him to leap time and space? Shazir would need to find this places version of the Magi Conclave to find out why this of all places and times was where and when Shazir was sent.

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Kiyori Anoyui
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Caspian Brizo, a super

Caspian Brizo, a super villain. He is a master of the sea and plans to destroy entire cities through the use of his magic. While looking through his telescope, he has the power to alter the sun and moons position to create devastating tides. He always keeps his anchor on him as it is the source of most of his powers. He can travel through water at blistering speeds similar to Thor and his hammer. In combat he can control any water that is around him, including moisture in the air so it is like he can create water out of nowhere.

The Carnival of Light in the Phoenix Rising
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Brand X
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Whoa whoa whoa. You had to

Whoa whoa whoa. You had to ask if he was hero or villain? He totally looks like a villain :p

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Brand X wrote:
Brand X wrote:

Whoa whoa whoa. You had to ask if he was hero or villain? He totally looks like a villain :p

I was thinking he looked totally hero in an old-world sort of way.

سير للحقائق
Sayr Lilhaqayiq, a dervish, was presented the dagger and spyglass his father had once used to defend their homeland from evil. With the turmoil his country was undergoing, and a letter from his father advising that he should leave this land as it was no longer a place of peace and friends were too easily foes in waiting, he left for a new home. Here, now, he believes that he can make a difference and aid others. With his glass showing him things otherwise unseen, and where he needs to be, and his dagger increasing his physical abilities, he seeks to be an inspiration and hero. Only time will tell if he is successful.