Creative Challenge: Who is this gal? What can she do? IV

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Creative Challenge: Who is this gal? What can she do? IV

Again I'm not asking for stats, just a paragraph on who she is and what she can do. be...creative!

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Recognized the artist right

Recognized the artist right away!

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The Cardinal was actually

The Cardinal was actually named after the bird, not the religious rank, and the arrows on her kneepads are a sort of visual pun. Her weapons are a distraction; mostly they are used to defend against melee weapons, though she is skilled in their use. But the symbol on the cord in her right hand is a potent magical artifact, crafted of silver and turquoise by a now-unknown medicine person of the Acoma Pueblo tribe. Even when it is hanging around her neck, she is able to use it weaken her foes and bolster her allies. When she takes it in hand, as in this scene, she can seriously debilitate even the most powerful villains, even the notorious Skin-Walker!

Playing at being a real-life Tomb RaiderTM lead Mariko Clark to digging in the ruins of a Pueblo community. The talisman she found there has granted her power, and enemies!

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Adalia Blanc was thought to

Adalia Blanc was thought to be just another a freelance paranormal hunter, but she was not self taught. She is in reality a kind of modern day perfectae. Though the Cathars were thought to have been eradicated in the 14th century, a small number survived and formed various other groups over the generations. One such group trained Adalia. They learned a purification ritual that allowed them to utilize religious artifacts, cursed or blessed, that would otherwise harm a person. Over time they became scholars of these artifacts and their uses in repelling other-dimensional forces. Adalia uses her extensive training with such artifacts to hunt demons, ghosts, and even exorcise the possessed. While she lacks much in actual combat training, her soul is particularly strong, allowing her to coax even more power out of the artifacts than they were designed for. She began operating at a young age out of southern France, but a particularly nasty possession that manifested actual demons has led her to a globe-trotting journey to uncover a dark conspiracy.