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Cosmic artifact user name help

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Cosmic artifact user name help

While I will proudly suffer altoholism like everyone else, I've been toying around with what my main character could be. The gist is that he's a guy who uses artifacts of alien magical origins to fight. I drew some inspiration from Starman for his power set, but tried to make him original overall.

I'll give you details about the character and work with those who step forward. Thanks!

His real name is Richard "Rich" Lincoln. He's in his mid-20s, a good-looking "All-American Boy" type who embodies the retro and timeless ideals of American culture -- polite, well-spoken, athletic, dependable, and a true gentleman. He's not perfect though, as he can "jump the gun" and explode into a fight without proper preparation, especially if a situation looks dire.

For his general appearance, I posted elsewhere that Ansel Elgort is my fancast for him, so think something like that.

Rich hails from Flower Mound, Texas (on the suburbs of Dallas). The ideals from both his father and his mother shaped who he is now. Rich has been both a star basketball player for his high school, and attended ballet to become a professional dancer. His life changed one day, when he found a crashed spaceship in the countryside. In it was an alien woman named Naeya who escaped from persecution. Rich helped to hide her from harm, which led to both his superhero career and an eventual marriage.

She looks like an attractive human who has bright-pink skin, and with her she had two artifacts: The Star Sword and the Neuron Belt. These are sacred weapons of her people that her captors tried to take after massacring her home. Herself, being a non-combatant, couldn't use them, nor did she find herself worthy. However, Rich was deemed worthy to hold them after helping her despite being an alien stranger. With that, he was granted the powers of the alien mystical artifacts. Since then, he moved to Titan City and has become a superhero, while also marrying Naeya and having a daughter.

Powers and Abilities

Rich is technically a baseline human still who possesses no inherent metahuman powers. His powers are derived from the artifacts he was given. He does have a telepathic link to them due to being the wielder, and can summon them at will. He's also of peak human condition, and is agile thanks to his training as a dancer.

As for his powers. They come from the two artifacts, each providing him different uses. The Star Sword has offensive purposes, and the Neuron Belt has passive and defensive ones.

Via the Star Sword:
- Cosmic energy projection, such as firing blasts or coating his weapon with it.
- Cutting power, the sword can cut through many materials and is nigh-indestructible.

Via the Neuron Belt:
- Flight, allowing him to take to the skies.
- Energy manipulation, such as creating forcefields to protect himself and others.
- Enhanced senses, as he can see in "auras" involving the different energies around him.


Anyways, have any ideas? Feel free to share, and I'll be happy to discuss.

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The Force?





The Vindicator?

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Belt... sword... America...

Belt... sword... America...

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Star Sword is an easy pick.

Star Sword is an easy pick.

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Starlink. He's linked

Starlink. He's linked telepathically to his artifacts and it's a shorted version of his last name.