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Controllers unite!

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AAlbusUUmbra wrote:
AAlbusUUmbra wrote:

Mind-Freeze wrote:
Oh I miss fighting 5 master illusionists :-(

I never had the fortune of testing myself against... that. Did the control resistances granted by defensive powersets do anything, or did they eventually mez you all the same?

If you could slot/build for mez defense it helped, if anything by reducing the duration that you were held... But they did have a knack of doing it quite a bit. But basically the problem was chain mezzing/stunning (Malta I am looking at you), slows were not so much of a problem, because they didn't slow down your attack speed.

But yeah, being chain controlled by an NPC effectively became a case of "suck it up and just live it with... even if it did suck".

Which is why I also hated the Devouring Earth in Alignment missions... sure, I could have fun with the Carnies... I could have fun with the Council.. the DE just ate me up and spat me out.. not matter how slow I went.

Until I got incarnate powers.

Or I was lucky enough to find someone on my server who was willing to help out.


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Redlynne wrote:
Redlynne wrote:

"Wusses ..."

Yes, yes, Scrapperlock is not the sole province of Scrappers.

And I LIKED the fact that Controllers could work at 'Controller-speed', lazily grinding the enemy down, or they could go at 'Scrapper-speed' and mana-burn the powers clickety-click, until their blue-bar squealed for mercy.

The potential complaint was against long-duration mezzes and 'binary' holds because the NPCs would use them on Us. I don't insist on 'binary' holds, but I don't want to have my chance of 100% Lock tampered with. So, I'd be fine with 'lesser' effects for when the Lock doesn't land, but I also don't want to have to deal with an 'angry' target while I fumble my way towards a progressively stronger hold, because the Lock was not possible from the beginning.

That is not meant to say that I expect a Lock on the first try, when the 'purple triangles' are up. I'm talking regular encounters.

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Ahh, I have fond memories

Ahh, I have fond memories being on the receiving end of CC, too. The Lost was the group that really gave my characters lacking defensive powers grief, what with their early game appearances, strong bosses, and highly accurate, debilitating psionic crowd control. A clear memory of City of Heroes was when I first encountered a Pariah Prelate with my fire controller and didn't understand just how strong they were. It hit me with a sleep after shrugging off two of my holds, walked up to me and slashed me for 1/3 my life while also disorienting for 10 seconds, it brawled, then used dominate for a hold, another brawl, then another sword strike to finish me off. The horrendous defeat made me see the game in a different light, that other things in the world did have good power sets just like players and would abuse them. I had suffered a taste of my own classes power and lost, and so changed my solo tactics and powers to compensate. That incident is also the reason I always kept a whole row of "break free" inspirations.

There was also another horrifying time I was playing with a friend and we were duoing missions against the Carnival of Shadow. I was out of break frees and found myself on top of a building, being chain held by three Illusionist who particularly hated me. As they were slowly torturing me to death I was practically flooding team chat for help. My teammate was somehow lost inside the building, apologizing while racing to save me. She ended up finding her way and leaping to my side at the last second to draw their aggro, saving me at 5% health. One of the few moments in the game where I breathed an audible sigh of relief.

As for PvP after the release of COV... too many moments to list. lol

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I loved trollers, can't count

I loved trollers, can't count the number of alts I made but I know I played every primary powerset. But I solo'd most of the time so playing them was pretty painful at the lower levels. Once doms came along I made the switch and never really looked back. My very first 50 redside was my ice\energy dom Icy Grave

Rigor Mortis
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Hey folks! I made a few

Hey folks! I made a few Controller toons in my day, but my favorite by far was Cataclysm (Earth/Storm with Stone Mastery) I plan to remake him if possible on CoT.

Is it true we are only going to have one server at launch? That boggles my mind.

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CoX was my first MMO(s). City

CoX was my first MMO(s). City of Villains first, then Heroes. I was almost ALWAYS a control AT. Everytime I switched to try out other things I always came back to control. I have compared every other control class in EVERY MMO since to my Controllers on the Victory server, then Freedom. No other game has ever compared.

I almost cried when I heard about City of Titans. I can't wait!

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Controllers were my favorite

Controllers were my favorite hero type to play in COH. As an alt-aholic I confess that I had more than one of each type.


Chrono Amp
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I loved controllers, my

I loved controllers, my electric/time was maxed out on Incarnate trial stuff and was waiting for the next set to come out. Had like eight dif ones, loved each of them.

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I played CoH from start to

I played CoH from start to finish. It took me a while to try and play Controllers. Once I did though, I LOVED them. They really suited my play style. I still made other characters, but wound up creating more and more Controllers.

Four of my eight 50's were Controllers (Illusion/Storm/Ice, Fire/Thermal/Fire, Earth/Thermal/Stone and Plant/Empathy/Psi). The other four were a Rad/Elec/Power Defender, a Dark/Dark/Dark Defender, a Dark/Regen/Dark Scrapper and a Invul/Ice/Energy Tank. I was an alt-aholic, with one hundred and ninety-nine characters developed by the shutdown of CoH.

I went and eventually made one Controller with EACH primary and secondary power sets. One hundred and seventeen of them (actually had some duplicates for one hundred twenty-eight Controllers). Now many of them had barely been played (still under level 20) when the game shutdown. I thought I had far more time than turned out to be the case. :-(

I tried CO after the shutdown, but its idea of control was nothing like CoH. I pretty much quit playing CO in disgust. I want something like CoH's control. I want as many of the the primaries sets as they can create, as quick as they can get them put into the game (at start would be GREAT). I really want them to get Controllers (Commanders) right and give them to us when the came comes out. I want to be back in control of whatever situation I find myself in. :-)

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NO game since CoX have I

NO game since CoX have I found any controller class to be worth a......well you know. It seems in CoX EVERY class we just about equal in what they did for a group. Almost all the games I have tried since are all about damage, tank, heal. With very MINIMAL CC in the game. I have ALOT of hope that CoT will give the "trollers" in all of us that feeling again.