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Greeting everyone. I am like you in that I played COH/COV for years, and my most favorite character was the controller. I loved being able to call in minions and set them on adversaries and let them do the fighting while I stood back and buffed them and healed them.
I was wondering if COT, was going to have controllers in their game like in COH. I certainly hope so. If anyone knows please post here. thanks....:)

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Welcome to the CoT forums!

Welcome to the CoT forums!

The names and some of the details will be different but it looks like they're going to do their best to recreate Controllers in CoT. Some of my favorite characters in CoH were Controllers but I'm actually looking forward to what they're calling an "Executor" which will trade the Controller's support secondary powerset with a ranged offense set. Should be fun - now all we have to do is wait...

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