Commander Type: Spirit Summoner

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Commander Type: Spirit Summoner

I wanted to suggest a Commander style that I have not seen in hero game: Using NPCs as Pets.
I have seen some CoH videos released where players will change the model of their pets to other NPCs in the game, evidence that other players would love to run amok using NPCs - this also lends to character story lines involving spies and double agents etc...
Imagination: Run Wild!

Commander Type Idea: Spirit Summoner
Basic Concept: Spirit Pets that can Possess NPCs for your use. (and entertainment!)

Visual Description: Ghost/Glass Body for visual distortion and an Aura
(DEVs: Is it possible to Pinch the visual area around a character, creating an aura of distortion?)

-Visual Options: (Because: Options)
-Body Type/Height/Etc... CoT Pet-Creator w/sliders - Overall Visual override with Ghost/Glass Body w/Aura
-Color/Look of Aura for Each Spirit in Mist Form (Any Color, Mist/Flame/Radiating Light/Bubbles etc...)
-Where the Aura Emanates From (Head/Hands/Feet/Ears/Knees/Whole Body/Left Nostril etc...)
-Summon Style (Fade In/Mystical Portal/Rise-From-The-Ground/Holy Light/Flame/"Q" Flash/Clown Cannon etc...)
-Look/Style of Spirit Fear Attacks (as with any other Titan)
-Player Attack Look/Styles (as with any other Titan)
-Fizzle Vizzual: Disintegrate/Fade Out/"Q" Flash Out/UnRise-From-The-Ground/Balloon Deflate Etc...

Basic Mechanics: *"Mist Form" refers to the Pets initial form*
- All Attacks in Mist Form aim to Possess the target NPC (May require Level-Up to obtain Possession power)
- If successful, your Pet Fizzles and their Aura emanates from NPC model, it is now yours to command
- There may be limitations on the Type/Level of NPC you can Possess
- Attacks Strength/Speed of Spirits vary by level of Player/Pet and NPC, as would other Commander Sets. (DEVs: Have fun with that...)
ie: Possess your desired NPC to adjust your play style (Melee/Ranged/Flying? etc...)

Pet Basic Attacks:
-Fear Style Attacks (Minor Spirit: Damage+Debuffs, Major Spirit: Damage+Control/Slow, Lost Soul: Just Damage via Creepy Physical Attacks)
-Once an NPC is Possessed, your Titan receives an available 'Release' option to Fizzle the NPC Body and return your Pet to Mist Form
--Upgrade 'Release' to 'Berserker': Single Target Strong Melee Attack Then Fizzle
--Upgrade 'Berserker' to 'Exorcism': Explode Possessed NPC for AOE Damage
-Level-Up Upgrades: Additional Spirits, Stronger Attacks, Possess Higher Level Enemies, Stronger/Larger Spirits & Possessions, Life-Transfers

Example: (Closely resembles CoH: Zombies/Necromancy) - There is wiggle room to make this a Titans Specialty
Titan Ability: Summon Minor Spirit
-Base: One Minor Spirit with Debuff Fear-Type Attacks (Damage+Debuff - No Possession option yet)
--Fear Attacks include Minor Debuffs: Reduce Damage, Reduce Aim, Reduce Defense etc... (Single Target)
-Upgrade: Two Minor Spirits, add Possess Minion NPC Type: Use NPC Primary Attack + Spirit Fear Attacks + AOE Debuff (around Pet)
-Upgrade: Three Minor Spirits, add NPC Secondary Attack + Spirit Fear Attacks and Chance of Life-Transfer (Spirit: Heal Thyself)

Titan Ability: Summon Major Spirit
-Base: One Major Spirit with Controller Fear-Type Attacks (Damage+Control: Scared Slow/Immobile) (single Target)
-Initially able to Possess Lieutenant NPC Type: Use NPC Primary Attack + Spirit Fear Attacks
-Upgrade: Use NPC Secondary Attack + Spirit Fear Attacks (Stronger Attacks + small AOE at Target NPC for Fear Attacks)
-Upgrade: Life-Transfer: To all Spirits (Including Self)

Titan Ability: Summon Lost Soul
-Base: One Lost Soul with Physical Fear-Type Attacks (Just Damage: Scary Flying Stuff, Spikes/Fire/Tentacles etc...) (Single Target)
-Initially Able To Possess Boss NPC Type: Use NPC Primary + Sprit Attacks
-Upgrade: Use NPC Secondary Attack + Spirit Fear Attacks (Stronger Attacks + small AOE at Target NPC for Fear Attacks)
-Upgrade: Life Transfer to Commander (That's You, Titan!)

*Remember-This was only an example, and I realize that some of these upgrades can be broken up into multiple tiers/upgrades...and may be too powerful - Break out the Nerf Bat ... or Magic Crowbar...*

This originated as a thought to have a Blob-Pet that could absorb and control an enemy - not so much Fear Attacks but Slime-Projectile/Melee-Damage, but still cool -
DEVs: if this is something you can do, DO EET!!
I have a read a few threads out there where folks are encouraging MWM to break the Humanoid Mold and go with a Shapeless Form character.
If the Blob-Pet is possible, this expands the usage of the NPC Possession Mechanic. (Maybe Shape-Shift instead of Possess - using the Target NPC Model and overriding the color/patterns with Blob-Slime)

Comments, Modifications, Suggestions are welcome - The aim is to add some Spirits to the City of Titans!

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FYI, if you want MWM to be

FYI, if you want MWM to be able to use your ideas, legally, you have to send them an email legally stating that they may use your intellectual properties free of charge.


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Done and Done - Thank You!

Done and Done - Thank You!

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I know, unorthodox to reply

I know, unorthodox to reply to ones own post - however - thinking (and posting) to myself, a few realizations and an addendum:

As I read through the forums, the customizations and the need to ensure flexibility for all powers and visuals to be customizable for each player to create their own identity, I realize that my OP pigeonholed this powerset into a single use case. Following is an expansion of the basic idea to allow for more use.

First: A better name would be “Possessor/Reanimator (not to be confused with Necromancy)/ReBoot/Hostile Takeover” ie: Possess an NPC somehow.

Spirits (OP)

Blob/Bubble (ala The Prisoner) - Custom colored blob that would consume and control the NPC - Goo Damage

Enchanted Objects:
-Floating Chain/Rope/Ribbon/Cable: Wrap around NPC to control, Attack: Whip/strangulation/throws/holds
-Floating Spells/Masks: Spell Possesses NPC/Mask possesses NPCs Face, magical/voodoo/mystical attacks

Giant Cartoon Hands/Puppet Strings: hands hold strings to control NPC, hands punch/throw items/throw enemy/crush

And another Favorite...
Shoulder Pets! - Use Existing Shoulder Pet Decorations as Pets that attack Enemies and possess them by sitting on their shoulder - Melee/Magical/Ranged attacks befitting each pet
(Customize: choose which shoulder pet would represent each summon, including using the same model for all, like a Murder of Crows for a scarecrow build, Cats, Birds, Dragons, Monkeys or any combination)

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