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Redlynne wrote:
Redlynne wrote:

Lothic wrote:
I simply think it might be fun to eventually see a live action Supergirl show/movie played by an actual teenager sometime. Is that -really- too much to ask for? ;)
It's not "too much to ask for" ... but it is asking for a completely different show from the one that's being made.

And again I simply ask what's your point with this? Until we get another live action Supergirl show of ANY kind to discuss I'm obviously going to have to discuss my desire to see an actual teenaged actress playing the role in relation to the only working example available. Why you have your tail in a twist over this is beyond me.

I don't consider having a now nearly 30-something actress an epic -failure- of the current Supergirl TV show because as you've made abundantly clear they specifically chose to deviate from 60 years worth of canon on purpose. Good for them - as long as the show's good I'll keep buying their DVDs.

All I'm saying is it's (sadly) not surprising they chose to make that deviation based on Hollyweird's apparent "strange relationship" they've had with child/teenaged actors for decades. Don't you get that I can EASILY criticize Hollyweird in general without specifically hating on a single given show? If nothing else please get over your misguided assumption that I'm claiming this individual show with Melissa Benoist is categorically bad just because of this particular issue. I'm simply citing it as an example of being one of the latest in very long line of shows where the "teenaged" character unfortunately had to get changed and/or recast with a twenty-something actor to appease the Hollyweird gods or whatever. The show is simply another victim of this phenomena for good or bad.

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Nope, not to much to ask for

Nope, not to much to ask for at all. In fact, when I heard the show was being made, I was hoping it would be closer to the Supergirl comic I bought and read. It sadly isn't. I try to enjoy it though, however I feel they screw over Superman just so they can say how awesome Supergirl is (and I'm not even a Superman fan in the comics, I just he should be much more than what current creators want to portray him as :p)