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Character Information: American Patriot

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Character Information: American Patriot

NOTE: The character is still under development and abridged so there are still missing information to be soon included or roleplays.

Son of Commander Patriot

Real Name: Jason Grant
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Physical Apperance: Very Musculear and Perfect Shape
Allias' American Patriot, Jay, Patriot's Son, Mutant, Patriot, Hero, Soldier, Grant, New Commander
Age: 18-19
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs


A classic superhero called Commander Patriot was a well-known superhero throughout stories and adventures, he was very valiant and pure heart and fought any evil that harms not just Titan City but the world itself. He heroically died in one big climactic battle that involved among heroes with his life sacraficed to save others, they were victorious but they died. And was given a statue for his heroism to his grave as a memorial to remember who he was. But, without them knowing, he has a son that he named Jason. Jason grew up in Downtown with friends he made for his open-minded and extroverted. He always has interest in history lessons and mostly military-related stories and topics because he only knew his father was in the war. But one day, he finally discovered the secret after his mother was becoming a victim to be killed for something they knew, was his father was Commander Patriot and has a hidden file for the formula called 'Meta Genesis Program' to create 'Omni Soldiers' or 'Perfect Speciman'. Jason was traumatized to know his mother was murdered for a secret that was been kept from the society but at the same time chasing something that his father has hidden, only to discover he was unique and a mutant with incredible powers. He decided to take upon his old father's miltary uniform and went out to face the evil orginazation called Asmodeus. After taking them down with pure justice, he swore to follow his father's legacy under by his new name as American Patriot.

"Science is the gift of humanity that we all should treasure."