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All 4 Mutants
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After a poo show over my video card, I am finally able to play the character creator of City of Titans. Now I am still a bit skeptical and going off the impression of a fully playable session after the aforementioned incident. Going in I am welcomed to the usual intros and finally able to create a character. Now looking at it at first has some elements of Skyrim modding using their character creator from the Nexus or something from Fallout 4(bad example carry one), which made me excited to recreate one of my characters from it, and Boy was I wrong. First I want to get off and say thanks for the preview, however it was just that, a preview.

Oh were to begin. I got extremely frustrated that much of the facial detailing was not available and the the lack of hair, eyes, noses, and lips, which is important in making a unique hero or villain was not there which threw me off as immersion goes. I grew increasingly frustrated that I could not bring the jaw up and round out the face to the way I was use to in Modded Skyrim and elements of Black Desert character creation, and yes I know it is early access, but oh wow, the female hero looked like TNG Data in drag. And it did not help that when I was done, I went into the small village only to be greeted by a bury female hero who screamed "do you lift bruh?". There was severe lack of femininity in this character in stances(idle) and looks I was taken back by how much manliness she had over me. Talk about insecurities.

Enough waffling, for the time being the CC( not the other one) needs some serious help. And the fact that it is going up against some of the most advanced and old CC, I have found I needed to speak out over it. Now I am not trying to crap on what is being offered, but merely offering some constructive criticism and perhaps get some people on fine tuning the creator and make some tweaks it solely needs at this time. Taken back and given "meh, good enough" by the devs, has me shaking my head an wondering, "is this it"? Is there a way to split the team and finish the creator and still work on the story and city?

Evolution is key. And mutants are key.

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You bring up a good point

You bring up a good point with the idle stances and poses. I think it would be a good idea if we could select from a few choices, or maybe from a selection of prix frixe slates so that we can choose to be as feminie or as masculine, as passive or as aggressive, as comedic or as stioc as we desire. I'm sure there will be just as much of a demand for feminine men as there will be for masculine women, not to mention someone who claims a genderless character.

As for the ability to have a different face, we've discussed this. (apparently most of the discussions I'm recalling were on Discord is a shame because of how poor that medium is for citation). There are certain phenotypes that just can't be developed using the current builder. Flat nose bridges, upturned noses, eyes with an epicanthic fold, philtrims, rounded jawlines, freckles, eyelashes (why are there no eyelashes?), etc., etc. If we are given a few different faces to start from with these differences inherent, then applying the sliders after that should enable 99% of the choices players will want. Basically the Devs acknowledged this and agreed that they should provide more than one starting face to account for these alternatives.

I like to take your ideas and supersize them. This isn't criticism, it is flattery. I come with nothing but good will and a spirit of team-building. If you take what I write any other way, that is probably just because I wasn't very clear.
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All 4 Mutants wrote:
All 4 Mutants wrote:

Is there a way to split the team and finish the creator and still work on the story and city?

Unfortunately, not really. To begin with, the people with the skills to work on adding options to the dresser aren't the same ones that work on the story or city (generally). It's a totally different skillset. And at the moment, we don't have anyone at all that can re-do the female model. The devs worked on the character creator to the point you have it then said "we don't want to get stuck perfecting a character creator for a decade, we need to get to work on the rest of the game". The good news is, that means there's a lot more "game" coming soon.

The plan is to get more of the game finished to get more into people's hands (and ideally get a few more sales), then go back and start improving all these things before we go into beta.

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