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Character Creator

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Character Creator

Is this still available for download?

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It should be. Click the link

It should be. Click the link above for the Missing Worlds Media Store and either Sign In or Become A Titan. If you donated to the Kickstarter, make sure that your MWM store account is linked to the email you used for the Kickstarter. If you donated at the Home Sweet Home level or above, go to Backer Rewards. Otherwise, go to Second Chance, donate $50 (price check on Playtest Aisle please!) and then to Backer Rewards. Scroll down a bit, the button you seek is labeled "Download Avatar Builder 0.0.1d for Windows". Not sure about Mac, fairly sure Unix is not yet supported.

Once you've got the launcher downloaded, open it up and find the "Patch!" button. Click it, have fun, and report problems!

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