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Chainsaw Samurai

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Chainsaw Samurai

Background: Hoshi Yamoto is a warrior from an alternate dimension where the earth was turned into a post apocalyptic wasteland after an alien invasion caused a war that both sides lost. The Chainsaw samurai was born in a vat for a mad scientists personal army, that he would be one of the many generals of, to conquer the world and bring "Order" to the ruins of mankind. All that changed however when a strange man from the CoT universe, appeared and told him of a better life, and a better way. Hoshi helped this man, destroy his father's army within, but at the cost of the traveller's life. With a great threat in his world vanquished, and a man who he considered brother dead at his feet, he has come to our world as a penance, both for the destructive purpose of his creation and the lost warrior torn from this dimension.

Personality: Hoshi was built from the ground up to be a killing machine, so he does tend to be more violent in his combat technique, but as he hates what his father has tried to make of him, he has sworn off actual killing, unless there is truly no other way. He will however cripple someone, or chop off a limb in a fight. He also has difficulty actually learning how the world around him works, especially how the legal system works, though he still tries his best to be the hero that the stranger to his world, he stil has a ways to go.

Primary: Massive Melee (with a big chainsaw)
Secondary: Grit (the effects of both his physically superior body and his armour which combines samurai steel and Kevlar into a well crafted armour)
Tertiaries: any lunge attacks that would be appriopriate for a highly skilled chainsaw attack, also lethality as he will occasionally use circular saw blades as throwing stars
Travel: Parkour and swinging with a bladed chain