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Cat Girl Operator

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Cat Girl Operator

I know I'm going to catch some flak for this, but so be it.

From the time my first Mastermind (Robotics/Traps) finished her cape mission I have wished for a Cat Girl Mastermind, or, if you will, a Cat Girl Operator.

Go ahead, laugh outrageously and get it out of your system. Feel nice and superior now? Okay, then, let's continue.

I don't know what how this game's Operator/Mastermind model is laid out in terms of powers/pets/levels. Therefore, I'm working off the CoV template

Immobilize or ranged attack
Tier 1 Pet
Ranged attack
Pet Buff
Ranged attack w/secondary effect
Tier 2 Pet
Utility power
Tier 3 Pet
2nd Pet Buff

Now we have to stay thematic. Fortunately, Cat Girls, like ninjas and zombies, are an overused cliche in modern internet culture. The trick will be staying true to the cliche while throwing in a few surprises.

So what is a Cat Girl? Well, there are two kinds, hybrids and costumes. A hybrid cat girl is half cat/half girl and usually includes some amount of feline or psuedo-feline behaviors. A girl with costume ears and tail is still a Cat Girl, but without the pseudo-feline qualities. Either way a Cat Girl is a young girl, so she's going to have to have props and powers that reflect this and so will the Mastermind. And then there is the problem of the Gotham City Catwoman, not to mention Black Cat. It's only fair to include a homage to them, as well.

Immobilize or ranged attack: Couch's whistle
Single target, medium range, 5 second Disorient with very minor DoT (bleeding eardrums, you know?)
Can be enhanced for Faster Recharge, Lower Endurance cost, +Disorient, +Damage, +Accuracy

Tier 1 pet: Cat Girls
1-3 Hybrid Cat Girls, plaid skirts, conservative blouses, bow ties, Feline Ears and tails, Human bodies including hands and feet, Human faces with vague resemblance to felines (widely spaced sharp eyes, protruding mouth, stretched cheeks)
Two attacks: Disarm, Slash
Disarm is a Debuff (-Accuracy, increased Recharge time)
For the animation the Cat Girl briefly throws her arms around the enemy in a hug-like embrace
Slash is a swiping action with sound/visual effects implying a claw scratch. (melee, single target, minor lethal damage, double damage if delivered immediately after Disarm)

Ranged Attack: Throw object
One of several objects appears and is thrown by the Mastermind. Some possibilities include, a book, a tablet computer, a small chalk board, a stapler, a globe, etc.
(medium range, single target, medium smashing damage, small chance to Disorient)
Can be enhanced for Faster Recharge, Lower Endurance cost, +Disorient, +Damage, +Accuracy

Pet Buff: Encouragement
Mastermind animation mimics giving a rousing speech
All Mastermind Combat pets (Tier 1, 2, 3, this Mastermind only) gain +Accuracy, +Damage, +Disorient
Tier 1 Pets each now hold a book and gains a new melee skill: Slam Book (melee, single target, medium smashing damage, small chance to Disorient)

Ranged Attack with Secondary Effect: Paperstorm
Mastermind whips up a windstorm of blowing papers that strikes all nearby enemies
(short range AoE, minor smashing damage, small chance to Disorient)
Can be enhanced for Faster Recharge, Lower Endurance cost, +Disorient, +Damage, +Accuracy

Tier 2 Pet: Cosplay Girls
Girls in colorful dresses with cat ears, cat tails, cat whiskers, two melee attacks: Double-slap, Punch
Double-slap animation is once with each hand (melee, single target, medium damage, small chance to Disorient)
Punch is a single punch delivered to the chest area of an average height enemy (melee, single target, medium smashing damage, small chance to Disorient)
With Encouragement Cosplay Girls gain a minor heal that they only use on other pets of the same Mastermind
With Encouragement Cosplay Girls gain +Accuracy, +Disorient

Utility Power: Fast Rescue
PBAoE heal & buff, all allies, all pets, self (medium heal, +Resistance, +Recharge, +Regeneration (small))

Tier 3 Pet: Nightstalker
Dark bodysuit (or perhaps duo-tone), cat ears and tail, claws
Skills include: Assassinate, Double-Swipe (melee, single target, medium lethal damage)
With Encouragement Nightstalker receives Stealth

Second Pet Buff: Rousing speech
Same animation as Encouragement
All pets belonging to this Mastermind (Tier 1, 2, 3) gain +Regeneration, +Damage, +Accuracy, +Evasion
Cat Girls receive Double Book Smash (melee, single target, high smashing damage, medium chance to Disorient)
Cosplay Girls Receive jump kick (melee, single target, high smashing damage, high chance for Disorient)
Nightstalker receives Whirlwind (PBAoE attack, medium lethal damage)

See? Not at all extreme. With the right character models and animations, this could an extremely fun and versatile Primary.

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