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The following is the last communication with Subject Carrion. All pertinent information regarding any of those involved with the subject has been deleted, redacted or simply misplaced. All those who have had previous contact with Subject Carrion have been deleted or misplaced. It is of best interest that Carrion never be acknowledged as part of this project and that all evidence pointing saying otherwise be deleted, redacted or seen as bunkum. Subject Carrion is now the enemy and we must not forget that.


Location: [WITHHELD]

It was the morning of [REDACTED] and my team ( Drs. ██████ ,██████ ██████ and ██████ ,██████ along with intern ██████ .██████) arrived at the Indigo Facility to complete our orders. They were simple: Go in, assess the bunker's stability and report back. I must admit that we had all become lackadaisical with our approach since this was seen as just another "routine" inspection.

Dr. ██████ was with our intern while Dr. ██████ and I were assessing the nuclear containment pool in the belly of the facility. Since Dr. ██████ was a specialist in nuclear management while I held a simple Ph.D in engineering, I allowed him to take the lead. Again, we were lazy and we saw no need to go through the motions to properly protect ourselves.

Dr. ██████ entered the containment room and began his checklist. By his accounts [SEE REPORT 112-A], everything was fine. I will now freely admit that I do not remember how I fell into the radiation pool nor do I remember hitting my head on one of the spent rods along the way. I only remember falling and then waking up in the hospital.

This is all I can manage to write due to my faulty memory. However, I can add to this report to hopefully making it more sufficient:

Due to my deteriorating condition, I have become aware of the problem of radiogenics. I am aware that my body is breaking down rapidly and is also potentially unstable. This means that at any point in time, I can go up like a roman candle on steroids. To help slow the process down, Dr. ██████, myself and researchers at [REDACTED] have created a suit for me to live inside of. Since my own genetic structure has mutated in the process, I have no need to eat and have gained near limitless stamina. Pain is also a distant memory for me. However, this is not the development that I wish to share.

For ten years, I have sat in this suit, wondering when it would be my time to die. I have answered every question that has been thrown at me, gone through every embarrassing test that has been brought forward and have even been made fun of by my own former colleagues due to my atrocious condition. I have also seen the looks on the faces of the staff as my flesh rots off of my body, leaving me with a radioactive shell that protects my organs. As of [REDACTED], it will be the last time I will hear these soul crushing words, the last time I will answer your questions and the last time anyone will poke me with a needle without my express permission.

After all this time, I have learned that not only can I propel myself using the thermodynamics from my own body, but my genetic structure has altered a few...defensive capabilities. I can not only project radiation through my hands, but I can also degrade the health of anyone I come in contact with.

Consider this my letter of resignation. It is time that I show you, General ██████, exactly what it means to watch everything you've built crumble before yours eyes, piece by piece. While I can feel no pain, I will do everything in my new found power to make sure that your nightmare will be never ending. Every time you turn on the news, open a newspaper or sign onto the internet, you will see my decaying face staring at you through my helmet.

Do me the pleasure of attempting to stop me with whatever fire power you have. Lest it be a lowly guard or some gallivant who fancies themselves to be a "superhero", I will destroy them. I beg you General ██████...just try and stop me.

███████ █ █████

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Ooo.. a homage to Miles

Ooo.. a homage to one of the clones of Miles Warren from Spiderman?

Revenge is motivation enough. At least it's honest...

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Very much so. What I enjoyed

Very much so. What I enjoyed about Warren was that he was an all around nice guy until the death of Gwen Stacy. I threw in a bit of Dr. Doom's narcissism and a Punisher's secret desire to die, along with the powers and visual aspects of Blight and Mr. Freeze.

To take it a bit deeper, Carrion is the other side of a terminal illness. He is angry at his "disease" but also the people that take care of him. He feels his only options are to either become cured or to simply die. But after so many failed experiments and empty promises, he's just fed up with the whole thing. His arrogance is really just a thinly veiled death wish so that people could remember him as who he was before he got his powers (illness).

To be honest, this is one of the things I enjoy about super villains. Sometimes, their motives aren't just to take over the world or to become rich. They're incredibly complex characters that have a lot to say the moment the surface is scratched. I cannot wait to get into the game to make this one!