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car theif? stop the grand theft auto guy?

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car theif? stop the grand theft auto guy?

i know players can never have this, just no room, but a random single npc might be able to be. if discovered by a hero, he cuts loose, and his car must be destroyed to stop him?

he shoots out a window?

the horror he was illegally transporting for a research plant, breaks free from his trunk, after you woke it up after damaging the car?

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Sounds good to me Chases can

Sounds good to me Chases can be just as fun as fights, and they can give weeker oponents, who cant possibly fight the heroes, a chance to present a unique kind of challenge.
You could even use chases in other contexts, like the bank missions in COH other criminals who run could have different tactics for escaping like creating obsacles, taking hostages or turning Invisible (this would make special sense powers a possiblility for players including tracking)

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This would be awesome to

This would be awesome to include in the game!
Car chases, stopping gang wars/ police shootouts, purse snatchers, small time store robberies, stopping arms trade, even hostage rescues if that was possible.
I'd spend hours on patrol with a system that had as much variation as possible in a city!

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Totally behind this, Random

Totally behind this, Random encounters would be an excellent way to spice up the times when you need to travel from zone to zone.
Maybe you have a bog standard delivery mission, dropping off a piece of Schizo-Tech at a secure location. On the way you pass a bank and fly past a black SUV that is pulling up outside it. You make your drop-off, are rewarded and begin the journey home, only now the bank is surrounded by TCPD swat teams getting ready to storm it. If you had hung around you would have seen a group of armed thugs enter the bank to begin the holdup and could have stopped it before things got too serious, now they have hostages.

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Sounds really fun. +1 :)

Sounds really fun. +1 :)

FIGHT EVIL! (or go cause trouble so the Heroes have something to do.)

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Reminds me of the beginning

Reminds me of the beginning of Hancock

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I, as well, would totally

I, as well, would totally approve this. One of the best things about spider-man 2's game was how alive the city felt, and making that more immersive was the random events happening as you went through the city. Grabbing balloons to return to lost kids, stopping cars due to crimes or roadrage, spotting and stopping thieves and burglars. It was a great little touch that added so much to the game. One of the best parts of that game was just webswinging through the city, adding little touches and things to do made it all the more amazing. This game would greatly benefit from stuff like this. More so, it is an easy thing to add later on, giving us all the more things to do as we just traverse the city, going on patrol.

Rewards could include recognition, fame, city approval, or even cash, if you're playing on the darker side of things. Minor events like these would also be a great way to distinguish between our characters being heroes and villains, or even just turning a blind eye. Could you imagine having a few minor missed events leading to a gang war or incursion? A mugging to an atm theft to a liquor store to a full on bank heist that needs to be stopped?

How amazing would "real world events" be in this city, to make it feel more like an actual living city? Car chases would be another great way to start this process over the long life span of the game.