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Caption THIS! Why is the DM smiling?

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Caption THIS! Why is the DM smiling?

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"When the DM smiles, it's

"When the DM smiles, it's already too late."
- common saying among veterans of The Hangman Battalion, esp. those who served under their original Colonel, the up-timer Jeff Higgins

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To paraphrase Professor Zoom

To paraphrase Professor Zoom "Every hero's backstory is improved with a bit of family tragedy." His sister is going to tear that troll limb from limb...

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"Ooh, a stake, and a

"Ooh, a stake – a rotisserie, even – I've never tried shawarma before."

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Should have brought the billy

Should have brought the billy goat...

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Wait until you see the... nope, that would ruin the surprise.

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“Timmy rolled a natural 1 on

“Timmy rolled a natural 1 on his perception check...”

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