Camera Controls, screenshots and red crowbars

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Camera Controls, screenshots and red crowbars

OK, just making sure of the basics. My preferred camera setting is is just behind the avatar, so I can see my hero's whole body.
I would also like a range of other options, I want to be able to run towards the camera, see an energy blast from the side as well as from the receiving end. In Skyrim, we needed to download a 360 degree camera mod to do this.

We can expect player controlled cameras from launch...right? That the current technology. Just checking the obvious.

Also, every game worth its salt has screenshots built in. Will there be a button combo that will take shots without the screen displays?
What is it?

one more thing...are red crowbars verboten for players? Are they a Dev only tool like the banhammer?

oh and a suggestion, we need an Aquaman character to make fun of.

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Field of view is something I

Field of view is something I have seen in depth discussion about in other games pre-delivery. It is not just how much of a character you get to see, because I fully expect a zoom level that takes us from near 1st person view to far back away. However, the actual viewing angle does matter. It is hard for me to explain here without a visual aid, but here is an attempt:

You know how in some movies, there is that shot where as the camera zooms close to the actor, the hallway behind them appears to stretch out in a weird disconcerting way? That's what I'm talking about. If you take a selfie of yourself from close up your nose looks a lot bigger than it really is. However, if your camera were 100 yards away and used a telephoto lens to take a selfie, your face would be perfectly proportioned even though it takes up the same amount of framespace. But if you look closely, the background is also different in each image. While the close-up selfie may have warped the size of your nose, it also included a lot more of the room behind you. The telephoto shot only included a small section of the room behind you, roughly in size to the size of your head.

So with the same screen size and resolution setting, you could see more or less of the scenery around you depending on the field of view setting of the camera, even though your character appears to be the same size.

I have seen some games that take more of a telephoto approach. These leave me feeling a bit claustrophobic, having to move my camera constantly side to side to see anything. I really don't like that. However, there is one game that changes this when you use mounted movement (I think it is Blade and Soul) and that effect actually works very well. So I would like to see a wider framespace in normal movement, especially in combat, that maximizes how much I see of my surroundings. And I would like it to narrow the framspace when I am in travel mode for the extra focus directly in front of me that I need, and the simulated lack of focus around me I would have if I was actually travelling fast.

I hope all that made sense.

I like to take your ideas and supersize them. This isn't criticism, it is flattery. I come with nothing but good will and a spirit of team-building. If you take what I write any other way, that is probably just because I wasn't very clear.
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In some games, 'field of view

In some games, 'field of view' is a slider in the Options. In my experience, it seems to put a slight 'curvature' into the display, which is fairly flat and un-noticed in front of the character, particularly when zoomed-in, but when the camera view is zoomed-out, then this effect displays a wider view to the sides. It's useful for big, spread-out fights, to see what's going on, and when exploring open areas, since one can see more detail, farther to the sides, making it easier to avoid random critter aggro.

Otherwise, I'm just going to presume that CoT will have everything CoH did, like auto-follow camera, first-person view, terrain-following camera, rotatable camera, mouse-wheel-zoom, UI toggle key, and so on. Those all seem to be standard features in games these days, like they were 'back in the day' in EverQuest.

If not Red crowbars, then blue, black, or shiny Silver crowbars might suit.

Be Well!

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One thing about FoV that is

One thing about FoV that is not so nice is that depending on the angle (and I'm pretty sure some other factors) it can cause nausea in people, similar to car/sea-sickness. For me it's very rare but it has happened and every time it has helped by "widening" the FoV. So having this being easily adjustable by the player is, imo, a must.

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I'm like an Aquaman!

I'm like an Aquaman!

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