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A Call to Titan Templars ((RP-friendly SG))

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A Call to Titan Templars ((RP-friendly SG))

The Knights Templar, long ago, were a vast empire, stretching from one horizon to the other. They fought with honor, discipline, and strength. The Order was strong, and for a time it was powerful. Winning many battles, and fighting without hesitation.

In a city, now gone, but not forgotten, there was another group of Templars. They were honourable souls. While they were all vastly different, and sometimes disagreed, they were a family. In every member you could find someone to rely on, someone to learn from, someone to fight with. And above all, a friend.

But like the first, the second did fall. Each member went separate ways. I do not know if other Templars are doing as I am, and recreating our family, but I will create the Order anew.

In Titan City, the Templars will rise. Answer the call. I will be waiting.

Grand Master: Myself
The Inner Circle:
((These middlish ranks are to be determined))

((The Titan Templars, a RP-Friendly SG open to nearly everyone who wants to join. I was a player of CoH back in about 2009ish, but sadly I got tired of it after about a year of playing(Which I dreadfully regret, might I add). I was super excited when I found this site and its goals for the great things to come.

I was a member of the group The Paragon Templars, a great SG that made me feel quite at home in the game while I was just a baby newb. I hope to recreate the group into an even better form of what it was before, much like what the Phoenix Project group is doing with CoX.

I don't quite know what else to put in a recruitment. Advice welcome. :) Any help at all is helpful, really.

My main and first character in CoH was the very odd but lovable EMO-HERO, the same character who became a Templar. If anyone recognizes the name, feel free to say hi. :) ))

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Last seen: 6 years 7 months ago
Joined: 02/15/2014 - 17:36
Yay, first applicant! :) I

Yay, first applicant! :) I just realized I left a ton of important stuff out. I should probably set up a application thing.

I'll do an example:

Rank you would like: Grand Master
Time playing CoX and/or experience w/ MMOs: As stated above I've played CoX and it was a ton of fun. Loved the community. About one or two years.

And I'm going to be lax on restrictions, I'll probably just go with keeping foul language to a minimum and general niceness.

Thanks for applying FB, by the way. Looking forward to watching the SG grow.