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Hero name : Britannia
Real Name : Brie Tanya Leigh
Power Type : Mutation
Age : 15
Eyes : 2. And green.
Hair : Long white/blonde
Complection : Fair
Costume : White pants and red boots. Red sports top. Blue belt and blue wrist bracers.

History :
Brie's father was the hero The British Dragon. He had telekinesis but only covering his own body, it allowed him great resistance from physical harm, flight, and super strength. When Brie was 14, her father brought the family to Titan city. Only 6 months later, he was called out to a 'routine' job, stopping 4 bank robbers. It turned out the call was wrong, and the 4 criminals where in fact super powered villains. The Dragon managed to subdue three of the villains, and in the process saved all the civilians being held hostage in the bank, but the forth villain used his pyrokinetic powers, and ignited the Dragons lungs. He died, while 'Pyros' escaped, laughing.
It wasnt long before the dead hero's family ties where discovered. Young Brie was tested for meta genetics, but the results showed negative.
Only half a year later, and Brie's inhereted latent powers manifested. She also has telekinesis, but it opporates much differently than her fathers.

Powers (Youth):
Every living cell in Brie's body is cabable of absorbing kinetic energy, and other background energies, and transforming them into gravitational power. She thus has minor resistance to damage in general, and great resistance to physical damage. She is always able to generate gravitation forces at low level, which can rise to amazing levels if she has absorbed impacts. She can choose how and where (within sight) these gravitational forces manifest. This is effectively ranged telekinesis. Brie does not need to concentrate to use this power, it is a physical action, rather than a mental one.

Powers (Adult):
1) Brie's body absorbs all forms of energy. She has control over this, and the absoption effect kicks in only at harmfull levels. This power resists toxins, poisons, magic, psionics, physical forces, cosmic energies, heat, cold, ratiation, etc. There may be an upper limit where the harm can not be absorbed, and becomes harmfull. The cells in her body can assimilate natural cosmic forces to a degree that she can survive in any environment, without food, drink, or air.
2) Brie has ranged telekinesis, based on descrete and focused gravity manipulation. This telekinesis is a physical action and does not need concentration. Power feats have included lifting upto 100k metric tons, running at upto 3 million meters per second (1% C), x3 for flight, and force blasts upto a range of 200km. These power feats can be doubled if she has recently absorbed a great amount of energy.

Personality :
Brie is somewhat shy and underconfident, she was very close to her father, and his loss has left her devestated. However, she knows that he died for a good cause, and she is trying to move on and live up to her dads memory.
To compensate her shyness, she has become a bit flighty and talkative. She is, after all, a stranger in a strange land, and is doing her best to fit in. Once she stops overcompensating for her current situation, and allows herself to grieve for her father, she may just mature into the woman she needs to be.

Quote : Why do you Americans have such a hard time saying 'Equality', its 'Truth, justice, and Equality'.


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Hero name : British Dragon,

Hero name : British Dragon, aka, The Dragon
Real Name : Jeremy Leigh
Power Type : Altered Human
Age : 40...deceased
Eyes : Green.
Hair : Dark Brown
Complection : Fair
Costume : Union Jack

Jeremy was born without any latent powers. in his early twenties, he learned, much to his surprise, his younger brother Jason Leigh on the news.
He was the arch criminal Criminus, the most wanted man on earth.
Jeremy felt responsible, and knew he had to do something. Using his own medical expertise, and 'borrowing' some lab time after dark, he conducted a gene altering experiment on himself, rewriting junk DNA into tekekinetic processers.
He did indeed track down his younger brother, and there learned the truth, that Criminus was a hero in deep cover, working to send other villains to jail.

Since then, Jeremy used his experience to help humanity. Eventually he relocated his family to Titan City, and there he fought the good fight.
Unfortunatly, after 6 months he was killed. After being given bad intel on a bank job, he went to stop 4 crooks, and was ambushed by 4 super villains. Jeremy managed to subdue 3 of the super villains, but was finally killed by the forth named Pyros, when the super villain used his pyrokenises to ignite The Dragons lungs.
Jeremy leaves behind a wife and daughter, Brie Tanya Leigh. Jeremy took Criminus's secret to his death.

As the British Dragon, Jeremy has telekinesis, this power only coveres his body, it allows him invulnerabily to physical forces, flight, and super strength.