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Off Brand Heroes

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Off Brand Heroes

So with the char gen coming, one thing will eventually happen. People will try to recreate preexisting heroes to the best of their ability as a test to the system. We can't play these copies, but we can of course play the 'off brand' version. So as a little game, without mentioning the original, describe your off brand hero.

I'll start with an easy one.

Martin, a hardened carpenter and leader of a Mushroom Construction. Always looking presentable, he wears a nice burgundy sweater with his grey overalls. Also wears a burgundy company branded cap and dirty work gloves while on the job. While not a registered hero, he has a strong belief in justice and is known to step in to when ever the need arises. With his incredible jumping ability and conjuring fire in his hands there's been few foes that have wiped the smile off his mustached face.

Grit/Fire themed melee Stalwart.

What will you guys come up with?