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BOOTCAMP! Lesson 3: Personality!

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BOOTCAMP! Lesson 3: Personality!

- This exercise is by NO means mandatory. So please, if you have other obligations or assignments, we ask that you focus on those first.
- Content discussed in this thread will NOT be used as game content, this is an exercise in writing only and nothing discussed here should be taken seriously.
- This exercise is open to everyone, and is NOT limited to MWM employees. Fans and the general public are welcome to participate
- Participation in this game should NOT be considered as an application to become a member of the MWM staff.

Hello all!

Welcome to the third installment of BOOTCAMP! Lesson 3: Personality! But I prefer to call it: Clash of the Titans!

When writing, it is important to make your character's stand out from each other. If all the characters were the same, stories would become bland and there would be very little progress. Imagine a cop show, were all the police officers were "good cops", the story would get old quick, and if all the actors were "bad cops", then not much work would be done. Thus it is important to have variety, as too much of the same thing will simply be lost and perceived as background noise.

Another point to remember, is that different personalities can play off of each other. One actor who is seen as witty and straightforward, can play very well if paired with someone more serious and reserved, see the Lethal Weapon series for a good example. Another good example would be Batman/Joker, since their entire relationship is based off of how opposites react to each other.

It is also important to remember not to always go overboard! Some characters were made to be flamboyant (Joker) and should be written as such. But we need to remember their is a time and a place for such characters. If every villain in the Batman roster were lunatics such as Joker, the series would have died off a long time ago.

So for today's game, your will describe a morning show! Hosted by : YOU! Your job will be to interview 4 people of various background... all at the same time! You will ask them 3 questions regarding a specific subject and have them answer in a way that clearly shows their different personalities.

So, here are todays guidelines!

1. Below are 5 "Topics", generic subjects to cover with your guests. Select ONE of the 5 topics to work with.
2. Below the topics, are 4 different, stylized backgrounds. Feel free to create your own guests, but they must me of the following backgrounds. (You must offer a 1 phrase introduction to each guest, and each guest may reply with one phrase before starting the interview)
3. Ask 3 short questions to the guests you created.
4. All 4 guests must reply to each question at the same time.
5. Within each reply, characters may choose to interact with each other, or simply reply to the questions, whichever fits their personality the most.


1. Law enforcement: what is considered too far?

2. Civilians: Assets or obstacles?

3. Registration: Is it necessary?

4. Monologuing: Know when to shut up!

5. Retirement: When is enough, enough?





4. Villain

When replying/posting, I ask that you clearly identify yourself by posting this template:
Name and forum handle: John Doe (a.k.a. Doe Boy)
Status: MWM Employee or Fanbase
Position: Lead, Dev, Contract, Fanboy/girl, etc.

The limit for this weeks exercise is one page.

Now go! Create! And most importantly, have fun!

You wear a mask to hide who you are, I wear a mask to show who I am.

Staff Writer, Composition Team

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Name and forum handle: Bryan

Name and forum handle: Bryan a.k.a. Atama
Status: Fanbase
Position: Future player of the game, superhero fan

I'll give this one a try.

I'll use the topic: Civilians: Assets or obstacles?


1. Hero: Caped Glory. Subjected to an experiment from the US Department of Defense intended to create augmented soldiers, he is a state-sponsored superhero, patriotic spokesman, and symbol of justice. He has super strength, toughness, and agility, which he employs with his martial arts training to fight evil-doers. He wears an American flag-inspired cape made of a high-tech polymer blend that can deflect bullets, flame, concussive blasts, or other such attacks.

2. Vigilante: Brassjacket. A self-appointed guardian of the streets, Brassjacket stalks the criminal underworld, seeking to end the threat posed by criminals (both ordinary and super-powered) by any means necessary. He wears brass-colored body armor, carries a variety of gadgets attached to a body harness, and sports a pair of custom-made high tech pistols.

3. Rogue: Crimson Vole. A suave ladies' man in an impeccably-tailored suit of red and gray silk, with an even more impeccably-tailored pencil mustache. He uses his super-powered quickness and tunneling abilities to rob banks, personal vaults, and other places where valuables are hidden, all while keeping remarkably free of dirt and wrinkles. He has amassed a great fortune and mainly steals for the thrill.

4. Villain: Frozen Skull. A terrifying being of unknown origin, he has the appearance of a steel suit of armor with a floating skull made of ice in place of a head, with wisps of frost drifting from him in a hazy aura. He is nearly invulnerable and can freeze enemies in their tracks by sapping their body heat with a glance. He claims to be the "Vanguard of Those Who Will Come", whatever that means.


Interview below...

Interviewer: Thank you all for being here today. My first question for you all... How important are ordinary civilians in this city?

Caped Glory: Civilians are why I do what I do. Most people are heroes every day, whether they are cleaning up our parks, or feeding their children, or keeping our economy healthy by working hard at their jobs. They may not be putting down Commander Darkness with a strong right cross, or foiling the latest efforts of the Vulpine Brotherhood, but what they do is important. And I'm proud to do my part to help ensure that they can be the heroes that they are.

Crimson Vole: Ah... Without the people of this city, who would send me my fan mail? Keep those pictures coming, lovely ladies. Of course, not everyone can be in the spotlight, but without the mundane space between them the stars could not shine so brightly and distinctly.

Brassjacket: Those who cower in fear and don't stand up to the scum of this city are just as guilty as any murderer or thief. Some days I wonder why I bother to risk my life in the gutters of this place.



Interviewer: When do you find it most difficult to deal with ordinary civilians?

Crimson Vole: Unfortunately, not everyone understands the lifestyle of a man of fortune. The local constabulary, for example, would be quite happy to see me incarcerated were they able to catch me, or find a cell I could not easily escape from. While so-called "superheroes" are the biggest threat to one of my talents, they are less commonly-encountered than an irate husband or vigilant guard.

Caped Glory: I never find civilians "difficult". It is our duty to serve them, and there is no higher purpose for of us who bear these gifts than to support them in every way.

Brassjacket: What a pile, Flag-back. You deal with the criticism like all of us. What about the florist last month that called for your head after you smashed in his front windows trying to wrestle that mutant rhino? Yeah, the papers are full of windbags who can't tell right from wrong. There's no winning over these people.



Interviewer: What can we, the ordinary civilians of this city, best do to help you all?


Brassjacket: Just stay out of my way.

Crimson Vole: Do not be so quick to employ firearms. I mean no one any harm, surely, when you see me there is no need for incivility.

Caped Glory: Stay strong, America. Continue to be the beacon of freedom that our forefathers died for.

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While I don't mean to

While I don't mean to interrupt the lessons, I must say that was one of the most entertaining things I've read in quite a while, and would love to see more of these guys.

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“Hello everyone I’m Cameron

“Hello everyone I’m Cameron Wood and welcome to another edition of The Morning Wood. We have a very special show for you this morning, so let’s get right to it shall we. First let me introduce to you the coolest Dude in Titan City. Super Frog!

Super Frog come out from backstage in full costume. He takes a seat on the first stool next to Cameron. “Hey Cam, how’s it hangin’. Thanks for the backstage pizza, it was awesome!”

“Alright next a woman who’s been making headlines of late. For good reasons or bad, you decide, please welcome Agent Breastmore.

A woman dressed in slacks and button up blouse, that’s about two sizes too small comes out. She waves to crowd before giving Cameron a hug and taking a seat next to Super Frog.

Alrighty then. Next please welcome the skull faced vigilante, Raging Skull. Skull comes out dressed in black with red highlights and a white skill mask. His trusty shield is strapped to his back. He glares at the other two guests before taking his seat.

And last but not least we have a man feared around the world and rightfully so. Dr. Impervium. The doctor comes out looking in costume that looks like Mike Nolan Dr. Doom remake. Immediately Super Frog jumps to his feet and the two foes stand toe to toe.

“Relax Kermit. I’m not here to fight you. If I were, you’d already be defeated. For I am-“

“Sorry to cut you off Dr. Impervium,” Cameron interrupts. “But we have a time limit to keep. Please have a seat.”

“Okay. Today’s topic is monologuing. What are your thoughts?”

“I love it dude. It gives me a chance to take down the bad guy, while they’re busy outlining their grand scheme.”

“What kind of moron spills the beans to the good guys on purpose?”

“Whatever, if they want to run their mouths instead of running away, that’s just fine by me. It’s just more pain I get to inflict upon them.”

“Unlike my fellow…guests, I for one think monologuing is an exquisite art form. How else will the world know that they will soon be ruled by the smartest, most powerful man the universe has ever known? How else will they know to bow down before the mighty Dr. impervium!”

“Well okay then. We all know that the monologue is most commonly associated with the villains. Why do you think that is?”

“Villains aren’t as cool as heroes so they need to brag more to make themselves look cool.”

“Please, you heroes showboat just as much as the villains. You just do it with one liners instead of Shakespeare.”

“When you are fighting for your life on the streets, you ain’t got time to stop and talk about how awesome you are.”

“You fools! I shall destroy all of you. How dare you mock me and my fellow-“

All three of the other guests yell, “Shut up!”

“All right last question. Does monologuing really work?”

"It works some people, but not me baby! I'm the Super Frog!"

“If by works, you mean puts me to sleep then yea they work just fine."

“One liners, monologues I could care less. But when you monologue it just makes me want to hit you harder.”

“Hahahahaha, you are all wrong. The monologue is a valuable tool. It’s a distraction to keep you from discovering the real agenda. Just like right now. While I have you all here enthralled by my artistic linguistics, my Impervium Bots have been busy down at Titan City Credit Union, taking out a quite hefty withdrawal.”

Dr. Impervium tosses a canister on the ground and the stage erupts in smoke. When the smoke clears the good doctor is nowhere to be found.

“Until next time, I’m Cameron Wood and this is the Morning Wood.”