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BOOTCAMP! Lesson 2: Intergration!

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BOOTCAMP! Lesson 2: Intergration!

- This exercise is by NO means mandatory. So please, if you have other obligations or assignments, we ask that you focus on those first.
- Content discussed in this thread will NOT be used as game content, this is an exercise in writing only and nothing discussed here should be taken seriously.
- This exercise is open to everyone, and is NOT limited to MWM employees. Fans and the general public are welcome to participate
- Participation in this game should NOT be considered as an application to become a member of the MWM staff.

Hello all!

Time for the second installment of BOOTCAMP! So welcome to lesson 2: Integration!

Today’s game will focus on how to integrate a character with his environment. Every character in a story should feel like they belong, or blend with their surroundings. Sometimes, a writer will create a character without taking the environment into consideration. This becomes painfully obvious, as that character can stick out like a sore thumb! Imaging watching the play Macbeth, only with Ronald McDonald as the star. Would be kind of awkward, wouldn’t it? So when writing for someone else, it is important to know what the setting will be, when does the story take place and where does it all happen.

So the goal of today’s game will be to take one of the offered candidates, and find a plausible way of integrating them in the suggested environments.

So, here are todays guidelines!

1. Below are 5 "candidate", well known characters. Select ONE of the 5 candidates to work with.
2. Below the candidates, are 4 different, stylized worlds/environments.
3. Write ONE short description of a story for the candidate you selected for EACH environment type.
4. All 4 short story descriptions have a limit of 20 phrases each!
5. Within each short story description you will write, you must include: WHO the character is, WHERE he/she is from (within said environment), WHAT does he/she do in this environment, HOW does the environment react to he/she, and most importantly WHY does he/she belong in this environment.
6. The candidate you selected may be modified to fit the environment you selected, BUT that character must remain true to his original design as much as possible.


1. The Terminator

2. King Arthur

3. Sherlock Holmes

4. Santa Claus

5. Little Red Riding Hood.

Environments: (I am simply offering styles here and a location, it will be up to you to fill in the blanks).

1.Tim Burton-esque Town. (Nightmare before Christmas, or Sweeney Todd, or Edward Scissor Hands)

2.Classic Disney cartoon feature, in a forest (think Fantasia, or Peter Pan, or Aladdin)

3.Police drama, in a metropolitan city (think CSI or Criminal minds)

4. Super-Hero action flic, on a spaceship (think Avengers, or Superman)

When replying/posting, I ask that you clearly identify yourself by posting this template:
Name and forum handle: John Doe (a.k.a. Doe Boy)
Status: MWM Employee or Fanbase
Position: Lead, Dev, Contract, Fanboy/girl, etc.

When posting your separate environments, please do so as such:
(Candidate name) in Tim Burton-land :
(Candidate name) in Disney Land :
(Candidate name) in Police drama land :
(Candidate name) in Super-Hero land :

Now go! Create! And most importantly, have fun!

Look for the next game which will be about Personality!

You wear a mask to hide who you are, I wear a mask to show who I am.

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Name and forum handle: Brian

Name and forum handle: Brian McVey (a.k.a. Terlin)
Status: MWM Employee
Position: Contract Writer

So, I decided to use Sherlock Holmes as my test subject.

I am unable to provide an example in Tim Burton-Land as the only movies I've seen from him are Batman. Developing a format just for Gotham City felt too much like the fourth iteration. However, the rest are:

Sherlock Holmes in Disney Land:

The star-strewn pointed hat didn't really suit the elderly gentlemen, noted Sherlock discretely, while listening to the man’s tale. The oratory expounded from behind the gentleman's long gray beard, whilst his hands moved in a manner somewhat reversed from a maestro.

“So, you see what a terrible mess I am in,” he stated, expectantly. “I surely hope you can help me, Mr. Holmes.”

Sherlock pulled a magnifying glass from his jacket and, kneeling, bent close to the ground. There were alternating impressions in the mud as of feet striding forward at great speed, but the marks were strangely shaped: certainly not human.

“And you said that they were stored over there, Mr. Ard?” he asked, pointing to his right.

“Yes,” Wiz replied, wringing his hands together. “I'll never be able to keep things in order without them.”

Sherlock Holmes looked around at the strange setting, with the grass and trees alike seemingly painted in place. He had risen from his favorite chair at 221B Baker Street, and gone in search of an insistent knocking. He had found the source behind the medicine cabinet in the bath, and, upon opening it, was drawn against his will to this strange, sketch-board land. Hardly dressed for an outing in his smoking jacket and slippers, Sherlock had been studying an odd stamp in his rooms at the time with a circular glass, and was now glad to have it with him.

He stepped by a circuitous route through the water-logged ground to the, not-quite three-dimensional, storage shed. He noted several new impressions here very different from the rest, in a shape approximating a man's, but more rounded and impossibly large. They first faced the shed door, placed as if to prevent the door from opening, but then they shuffled about, finally turning to the right and scurrying away.

“Sir, considering the unusual nature of this place and these markings here, it's obvious to me that a large caricature rodent is responsible,” said Sherlock, pointing at the new footprints. “Find it, and you will certainly find the brooms.”

The wizard stared at the moist ground at Sherlock’s feet.

“I’ll teach that mouse,” exclaimed Wiz, as he stormed off in search of his apprentice.


Sherlock Holmes in a Police drama Land:

Sherlock waited patiently along the curb with his dog, while the detectives bustled about in a confusing array of activity. New York was so very different from his native London, he mused while drawing another lungful from the pipe. Finally, a young man in a suit and overcoat approached, with his badge declaring ‘P. Folke’.

“I understand you witnessed the abduction, Mister?” he stated, looking into Sherlock’s eyes.

“Holmes, Sherlock Holmes,” Sherlock replied, removing the pipe from his mouth. “And, no, not precisely, Mr. Folke. I happened upon the scene shortly after.”

“But, I was told you knew what happened,” Mr. Folke fumed, pointing an accusing finger at Sherlock.

“Well, I believe so, but why don't you tell me your opinion of the facts, detective?” Sherlock said, motioning toward Mr. Folke with his pipe.

The detective's eyes bulged at that. “Well,” he started, “it looks as if two men dragged off a young model, but so far, the evidence doesn't give us much to go on.”

“I see,” remarked Sherlock. “Well then, let me be of assistance.” He scooped up the small terrier, and stepped briskly across the police line, with several officials stammering objections.

“If by ‘model’ you mean a young woman, I can agree, but I can also say she is blue eyed, and most likely, brunette,” Sherlock informed Mr. Folke, while plucking up a dark blue eye liner from the ground. “However, I would say the woman is not a model per se, but most likely works in a lab or medical office, as the scrapes from the struggle show no evidence of sharp heels.”

“Further,” Sherlock continued, under the dumb-founded look of the detective, “the other set of rubbings belong to the only perpetrator: that being a large man with a rather severe crook in his back, judging from the way he drags his left foot.”

“They went down this small alleyway, and may be at this moment on the upper floor of that building over there," he said, pointing to a third-floor window nearby, where a curtain could be seen suddenly drawing closed.

"Well, I'll be," commented Mr. Folke in shock, while motioning for several officers to follow him toward the building.

Setting the small dog down, and turning from the scene, Sherlock said, "Come along, Watson."


Sherlock Holmes in Super-Hero Land:

Sherlock pointed the scanner at the small door, and the blue dot pulsed furiously on the phosphorescent screen. After a short struggle, he removed from the alcove a small golden figurine, shaped in the head of a bird, but could find no reason why the object should radiate such a toxic signature.

This errand seemed quite simple, and left him amazed at Scotland Yard. With vast resources orbiting several moons, including nearby Io, they still seemed less than effective and occasionally inept: as in this case. Sherlock Holmes had once again been summoned from his study at 221B Baker Street to solve yet another mystery confounding the Crown.

The ship was an unknown design, and had been thought to be impenetrable, until Sherlock had gained entry. While advancing toward the signal indicated by the blue dot, he had noted signs of minor disturbances, as if a prior search had been undertaken. However, he saw no one and his instruments gave no sign.

Turning around, Sherlock received the first indications he was not alone when a bright ball of yellow plasma collided with his pale energy shield, knocking him back against the wall. He quickly pushed off and dodged to the right, just avoiding the next volley.

He peered from behind a metallic crate to see an odd fellow in some type of bodysuit, molded to his skin. His face was covered by only a small mask set upon the bridge of his nose, and he had dark hair, arcing eyebrows, and pointed ears. The man was surrounded by a bright yellow light that amplified the pale yellow of this outfit, and Sherlock found little comfort in the fact that the fellow didn't seem to possess any weapons - or anything else for that matter.

Sherlock pulled a large formidable-looking gun from its mount along the right thigh of his armored suit. He hadn't expected an armed conflict, and hoped the weapon would prove serviceable.

He rolled from behind the crate into a kneeling position, and released a supercharged electron beam into his opponent. The man was momentarily gripped in place by circulating lines of current, and Sherlock rose quickly and fled back toward the exit.

Sherlock's powered armor was a bit old, but carried him rapidly through the derelict ship. Just as he made to exit back to the Watson, a yellow band wrapped around his waist and pulled him backward.

Immobilized somehow by the energy band, Sherlock was rotated around to face the strange man.

"Let's see what the great Sherlock Holmes desires with this odd raven's head," the man commented quietly, while extending a yellow beam that bored through Sherlock's helmet.


Looking forward to your comments.


The Bullpen

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I'm not creative enough for

I'm not creative enough for that, but it just made me remember a video (i think it was from MAD TV) about the Terminator trying to save Jesus from the Judas' plot against him.
Nice lessons Ozmosis!
Maybe I'll give them a try if i get my creative area working for a bit! ;)

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Sorry I haven't checked in

Sorry I haven't checked in recently! Last time I came by no one had replied yet, and since then we've been really busy with the KS!

Terlin, if you want examples of Tim Burton-esque references, I recommend Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland and The Nightmare before Christmas. Those are classic Tim Burton movies, and his style is so different, that I recommend everyone take a look at it. His imagination and inovation should serve as insperation to all!

Other not not doing the Tim Burton theme, I would say you repescted the guidelines to a "T" there Terlin! Good job!

For the Disneyland theme, it's good and clear. I'm sure you could have pushed the Disney theme a bit more, almost into the domain of children's movie. But this write-up is still pretty good and the Disney theme does come through.

The Cop theme is hands down the best. But Sherlock holmes is a detective, so it wasnt too much of a stretch. Nonetheless, its a good rendering... especially like Watson in this one :P

Holmes sounds Steampunk-ish in this one, which I think is a nice touch. I feel this story is incomplete and serves as maybe a introduction to a longer story? I say this cause it left me wanting more, looking for what was next. Good job!

You wear a mask to hide who you are, I wear a mask to show who I am.

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Thank you, Ozmosis

Thank you, Ozmosis

I didn't have time to watch any of those movies: RL interfered. So, I didn't feel that I could do Tim Burton justice.

Looks like I was too subtle on one point. I tried to put a nod in there for Columbo (perhaps in his early days as a detective). I wasn't sure of the spelling and felt it was close enough to suggest Peter Falk.

"Just one minute, Mr. Holmes: there's something that's confusing me. I do think you were here when the crime was committed. How else would you know it was a young women?"

Well, Steampunk was not my intention, but its fits with an 1800's-like interstellar government centered on London.

Great challenges here, Ozmosis. Real mind benders.


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- Don't like parodies, though if I did this exercise - I'd select 'King Authur', except the Monty Python version thereof. "Come, Patsy!" *Clop-Clop-Clop! Clop-Clop-Clop!* ^_^

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Go for it! We'd love to see

Go for it! We'd love to see what you got.

The Bullpen

CoX Super Frog
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I'll give this a go.

I'll give this a go.

Name and forum handle: Rob AKA CoX Super Frog
Status: Fanbase
Position: Fanboy / Aspiring writer

Terminator in Tim Burton-land :

Snow was falling in giant, fluffy clumps dusting the sleeping town in a cold, white blanket. Parked at the side of the road was a large, red Harley Davidson. Straddling the motorcycle a biker dressed in red and black from head to toe was peering intently at a slip of paper. The man looked toward the house across the street and then back down at the paper. Pulling a pen from the pocket of his leather biker jacket he crossed something off.

“Adam Maitland,” the man’s voice was cold and robotic. “Nice.”

Reaching into the saddlebags on the side of the bike the man took out a brightly wrapped present and walked across the street and up the stairs to the front door. After knocking loudly he waited patiently until a pretty young woman answered the door in her nightgown.

“Are you Adam Maitland?”

“No, He’s-“

The man withdrew a Heckler and Koch HK45 pistol and shot the woman point blank in the face. She flew backwards in a spray of blood and disappeared over the couch. The killer pivoted and aimed the gun at the shocked man standing in the entryway to the kitchen.

“What the-“

“Are you Adam Maitland?”

“Y…yes,” the frightened man stammered. “Please, don’t hurt me.”

“Merry Christmas.” He tossed the now somewhat rumpled present at Adam’s feet then casually turned away and walked out of the house.

Terminator in Disney Land:

Princess Jasmin was seated at the large wooden table that was the dominant feature of the room. Beside her on the floor was a stack of presents tall enough to tower over her father who was reaching to pluck the topmost present from its perch. He offered the present to his daughter.

“Here you go dear. Happy sixteenth birthday.”

As he offered her the present group of servants carried an enormously large cake out from the kitchen. The throng of partygoers murmurs turned into surprised gasps as a man exploded from the cake in a rain of cake and frosting. He was dressed in black from head to toe, including a black turban.

“Princess Jasmin, you are subject to termination.” Pulling a flint pistol from his robes he took aim on the terrified girl, as the crown ran around in a frenzied panic. But just as the man pulled the trigger the gun transformed into a giant fish accompanied by a loud “pop”.

Through the window came an amazing site. A flying carpet carrying two men and one of them was blue. As they swooped in the blue man began to morph and transform, until he took on the visage of a large, blue, skeletal looking robot. He leaped from the carpet tackling the man with fish, burying them both in the remains of the cake. The other man leaned over the edge of the carpet.

“Princess Jasmin. My name is Aladdin. Come with me if you want to live.”

Terminator in Police drama land:

A well-built man in a tight fitting suit and wearing sunglasses even though it was night crouched down surveying the victim’s corpse. “The victim was struck from behind with a very sharp piercing object. Judging by the angle of the wound the assailant was taller than the victim.”

The man stood and moved a few feet away from the body. “The victim was running form her assailant at the moment of impact and lifted off their feet, which suggests our suspect is very strong.”

The detective turned in a slow circle, surveying the crime scene. “A second group fired shots at the assailant from there.” He pointed to a fire escape. “There are three ricochet patterns on the latticework of the fire escape suggesting that the suspect also had a gun, most likely an automatic rifle of some sort. There are no impact markings which suggest that the group firing from the fire escape hit the suspect multiple times.”

Standing he looked at the lead detective. “I believe the suspect is a Terminator, a T1000 model to be more precise.”

The detective stared at him. “A terminator? Those only exist in movies.”

The man removed his sunglasses revealing his eyes. His left eye was a lifeless red orb. “Not anymore.”

Terminator in Super-Hero land:

The members of the Hero Brigade stood on the bridge of GSDF cruiser, USS Trump, staring out the front views screen at the large starship that had appeared in front of them. It did not match any known design and looked primed for war. At Captain Inabe’s order the screen zoomed in on the hull of the unidentified vessel. Skynet 43256.

“Skynet?” Super Frog asked out loud. “Aren’t they that internet company, the one that is supposedly developing an all in one global app or something?”

“Yeah, it’s called Genisis. I think,” Answered the oldest member of the team Mr. Karma.

“Quiet,” ordered captain Inabe. “Hail them.”

“We did sir.”

“Well try again,” The captain was starting to sound irritated.

Before they could send out another hailing message an orb of electricity appeared in the middle of the bridge. A moment later a hulking skeletal robot materialized red eyes blazing. Within moments two more robots joined him on the bridge and then all three opened fire with their high powered laser rifles.

As chaos erupted on the bridge, a rain of bright pink arrows rained down from out of nowhere. Though the psychic arrows failed to bring down the killer robots, they gave the other members of Hero Brigade to spring into action. Super Frog leaped into the fray. He delivered a super strength empowered uppercut to the closest terminator who flew up into the air and through the overhead into the deck above. Nearby Raging Skull threw his shield at the head of another terminator. The impact ripped the head from the robot’s body. But, without his shield he was unable to defend against the hail of lasers that the remaining terminator sent his way. He flew across the bridge smashing into a console and falling to the deck in a heap of smoking flesh.

Luckily Mr. Karma was there to save the day. Drawing upon dark energies, he formed them into a powerful healing spell. As the greenish-black energies washed over him, Raging Skull’s wounds instantly healed. He leaped up ready to lunge back into the fray.

“You’re welcome,” Mr. Karma quipped as he turned to watch his team mates make quick work of the remaining terminator.