Black Falcon translated into My Hero Academia anime

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Black Falcon translated into My Hero Academia anime

There is a big fan base making OCs at deviant art. The anime is a Sky High set in Japan with lots of exchange students.
I had to simplify BF to fit in, turning her wings into a glider cape.
-----It might be worth your while to make a write up. Its fun. the episodes are free on You Tube.
Just remember, the heroes are not as strong as Titans. They have one power with a few different uses.

the fan site:
My DA Hero Academia folder:

Black Falcon

General Information
Name: Natasha Faraday

Nationality: British
Birthday: September 29th
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: Hopelessly Hetero
Height: 5’ 2”
Affirmation: U.A.
Class: 3A
Hero Name: Black Falcon

Skills: English, French, Japanese, Horsemanship, etiquette.

Quirk: Netherword Manipulation


Matter Destruction/Soul Touch. Black Falcon can channel a black corrosive energy that damages anything she touches. When her quirk is activated, black tendrils of smoke leak from her fists. A punch can crumple solid metal as easily as if she had super strength. She could place her hands on a wall, letting the darkness seep in. Pulling away suddenly, she could collapse the entire side of a building. She can land on the roof of a speeding getaway car and disable it completely in a matter of seconds, windows crack and shatter, tires flatten, the engine sputters, dies and falls to the ground…the doors will even fall off.

Against the Living, her quirk acts differently. Simply touching a person would induce unconsciousness-its been described as having a piece of your soul ripped away. Normal people remain unconscious for about 10 minutes. Those with defensive combat quirks react very differently some only staying down for about a minute.
*** This power makes no sound

Nether World Infusion/Body Enhancement: Black Falcon’s Body acts as a pinprick portal to the nether world. She is immune to the corrosive effects but it does enhance her body. She can run 30 miles an hour, jump 20 feet in the air and she is about 3 times stronger than a normal human. She can see like an owl at night.

Further, her body is bullet proof. She hasn’t been shot with everything yet but she been good to go so far. She has not yet been tested with explosives, and she expects they will kill her.

Addendum: Black Falcon’s nether world infusion has another unforeseen benefit…the undead see her as one of their own. She is very much alive, but some of them have tried to strike a conversation with her instead of feeding upon her.

Undead with physical bodies can be destroyed with her touch as they are not living. Ghosts and other spectral types have no bodies to destroy, but she can punch them (to their complete surprise).

Vampires have a similar connection to the netherworld and are immune to her touch, but conversely she is immune to all of their powers as well. Most vampires have no idea what to make of her, their senses say she is one of them, but their gut feelings say otherwise. Lucky for BF, bullet proof is also bite proof.


Glider cape: It’s in the shape of falcon’s wings. She loves to glide and wishes for true flight. Alas she will never attain true flight. She will run along the roof tops just to glide down upon criminal scum.


1) Solar based attacks will go right through her nether world armor. She has no real resistance.

2) Continuous use of her touch attacks will tire her. She recharges with high sugar content foods or drinks. She will always carry candy in her belt pouches. Falcon has no worries about weight, her metabolism keeps her slim and trim.

3) Wooden stakes will also bypass her armor. This is a weakness she shares with vampires. Bullets may bounce off, but a sharp wooden stick can be deadly. even thorns will make her bleed, Falcon is not aware of this weakness yet.

History: Natasha is an exchange student from Britain, her family is wealthy and raises horses on a Scottish estate near Loch Ness. Her family all have powerful quirks, and she was raised to use her powers well. She was tutored by the best with hopes to enter UA, she already has several super powered fights (under the watchful eyes of experienced heroes) by the time she entered the school, and she feels very proud to attend the school her father went to.

Personality: Natasha is well mannered and comes across as a bit stuffy and aloof. She is really very nice once she lets her hair down. Her attitude is study first, play after the work is done. She likes athletics, and loves polo. Natasha has a natural affinity for horses and they know she loves them.

Appearance: Natasha is a stunning beauty. She looks like the Black Falcon in my gallery save that the wings are artificial.

Likes: Steak, fine dining, horses, kittens, sci fi movies, polo, children, babysitting, salons, sweets, candy, sugary drinks (she doesn’t gain weight), Japan and Japanese culture, CASTLES and fortifications of all types, period chick flicks, cosplay, art museums, comic conventions.

Dislikes: guys who are full of themselves, people who are all image and no substance, the undead (a ghost once crushed on her. She’s from England…there’s a LOT of ghosts there), ill mannered people, scary movies (especially undead scary movies), bugs…especially ginormus bugs - keep them away from her

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Oh ... my!

Oh ... my!


Well done, BF!

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