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Base Item Quests

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Base Item Quests

Instead of base items being purely cosmetic or utilitarian, we can have base items unlock new content.

This could be small content, such as:
Box of 12 Ghosts- Ghosts periodically escape and have to be put back in the box. Abandoning this box could have a moral aspect.
Pinball Machine- you play pinball on it :P
Prized Possession- It's stolen at various points by your Nemesis, and must be gotten back.
Onyx Cat- Some times comes to life and goes for a walk on the town.

Or it could be rather big
Aether Door- Unlocks access to Aether missions. Kind of other dimension based missions.
Alien Shuttle- Unlocks orbital missions. Upgrade with jump drive to unlock more missions in other solar systems. Upgrade with super jump drive to unlock missions in other galaxies.
Simulator- Allows you to play various challenges
Tachyon Telescope- Let's you detect time holes in open world.

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Wildstar has done *something*

Wildstar has done *something* similar, in that you can build stuff on your housing plot that unlock "challenges" for you to do (whilst on the housing plot), which you can then use to get various things from if you complete them. Some of the challenges are real sods to do, others... not so bad.


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I thought I mentioned that's

I thought I mentioned that's where I got the idea, but I didn't. Thanks for the correction. Lol

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Mission Computer

Mission Computer


Imagine if these base items had a purpose and a function ... unique and specific to the base. Even if that function was just the equivalent of random repeatable Newspaper Missions, that would still be a better functionality than what these items (failed to) deliver in City of Heroes.

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Don't forget the Harry

Don't forget the Harry Dresden style Little Titan City ^_^

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