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Awesome Forces - Aquabats Cosplay

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Kid Rad
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Awesome Forces - Aquabats Cosplay

Anyone else here totally obsessed with the aquabats? Back in CoH days, my friend and I used to play as various aquabats and aquabat allies. Since this game is coming back to fruition, I thought I would start scouting friends who would be into making a super group with all of the members of the aquabats, plus allies. There could also be a nemesis group as well, based on some of the villains in their lore.

So here are some of the possible heroes/villains, based on their albums, as well as their recent tv show. Let me know if you can think of any others, and if you are interested in this in general.


The Aquabats -
Mc Bat Commander
Eaglebones Falconhawk
Jimmy the Robot
Crash Mclarson
Ricky Fitness

Allies -
Danger Woman
Super Magic Power Man
Lanolin Lady
Tiny Pants
Magic Chicken
Mechanical Ape
Giant Robot Birdhead
Mr. Bonkers
Amino Man
Captain Hampton
Tiger Rider
Shark Fighter

Martian Girl from Planet V
CD Repo Man
The Baker

Space Monster M
Silver Skull
Powdered Milk Man
Phantasma Del Mar
The Time Sprinkler

Obviously some of these would be easier to recreate than others, and some would require a great deal of imagination, but it is all very do-able. So who's in? Who wants to be super rad?