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At 12:01:48, GhostFre4k wrote:
Hey, anybody see the news this morning about that attack on Phoenix Plaza? Looks like PIT was crawling all over the scene afterward. Had it all locked down. Any theories circulating out there?

At 12:32:10, SuperSpook97 wrote:
Take your pick. Aliens, time travel, invasion from Hell... Seen all kinds of crazy ideas floating around. Not much footage is being allowed onto the net right now. Some guy on ViewTube got a video up though! Just a phone camera and the footage is shaky as **** but I'll see if the link's still good.
Edit: Yeah, the link's been taken down... BIG SURPRISE THERE.

At 12:55:32, xXSasquatchXx wrote:
This the video you're looking for? Found a copy re-uploaded over on MegaVideo.


At 13:10:14, GhostFre4k wrote:
Wow. That was quick. If anybody managed to download a copy before our paranormal overlords brought down the delete-hammer... PM me.

At 13:42:09, CapeAdmin12 wrote:
Due to recent user inactivity, we're going to go ahead and lock this thread. If anyone wants to discuss PIT related topics in future you can request a new subforum be made by contacting either myself, or one of the other moderators. Thanks!

At 13:45:52, SuperSpook97 wrote:
Dude... WTF? This thread's been really active the past week. Especially today.


She pushed her chair back, which creaked in response as it always did. It was strange to be back home. After being gone for so long, the familiar felt almost... alien. She glanced around the dark room, the glow of her computer screen the only thing casting any illumination onto the furniture and surroundings she knew so well. Even the smell was the same as it always had been. A strange combination of lilac and fabric softener. Taking a deep breath, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, just listening to all of the sounds of the empty house... the groans of the old wooden beams, the hum of the A/C unit as it kicked back on. She hadnt expected to ever be back here... The thought made her sink a bit lower in her chair, her mind turning back to the last few months. She knew the risks when she joined PIT. Understood the dangers that she and her fellow officers might face. It wasnt exactly a short list. They were trained to deal with almost everything they'd ever encountered, and even a few things they hadnt yet... Preparedness was the key when dealing with the strange and the abnormal. Preparedness and a lot of luck. She'd had neither.

Glancing back down toward her computer screen, she read the final entry in the forum again and a sort of sympathetic smirk touched her lips. Of course they were going to try and limit how much information was out there, especially with less than 24 hours having passed since the incident. That was only protocol. But citizens of Titan City were a stubborn and insatiably curious bunch. It's not like they hadn't seen their fair share of crises in the past... They'd had temporal incursions, extra-terrestrial abductions, the dead rising... and a myriad of other similarly world ending scenarios happen. And yet PIT, and the government at large, still seemed obsessed with the control of information. To a point, she understood. Information was power. Keeping the number of people aware of such events at a minimum, especially in the early stages, (before the threat had been securely dealt with) could directly effect the Bureau's effectiveness in the field. Panic was never a good thing, and there would always be other parties bent on undermining what PIT was attempting to accomplish... Parties that would go to any lengths to secure said information. Parties like the one she'd been the 'guest' of for the past half year.

Snapping her thoughts back to the present, she quickly stood and stepped away from the computer, an uncomfortable knot beginning to tie itself in her stomach. She was home... she'd made it out. PIT had come for her. They'd saved her. And after all that... she still felt wrong. Why did nothing feel normal anymore? She strolled into the bathroom and flicked on the light switch, reluctantly looking up into the mirror. She was greeted with the image of a young woman staring back at her that she barely seemed to know anymore. She, like the house, looked the same... felt the same. She had the same chocolate skin and almond-shaped eyes, the same dark hair and high cheek bones... And yet the image was utterly foreign to her. "Who are you, Addison?" She asked her reflection grimly, half hoping that it would actually respond and put her nerves at ease. But no response came. After a few moments she finally stepped forward and twisted the faucet handle, waiting until the water warmed up a bit before splashing same of it on her face and letting out a tenuous sort of sigh.

Steeling herself as she leaned against the counter-top, water still dripping from her chin, she dared to slowly take a peek down at the back of her hands. She was hesitant to say the least, a sense of dread filling her as she lowered her gaze. Her hands, like her face, were much the same as they'd ever been. The same dark slender fingers, the same wrists... but unlike her face, both bore a significant difference from before. Something truly alien, and not just in perception or feeling. She lifted her left hand up closer to the bathroom light, fighting back her own apprehension as she forced herself not to look away. Burned... branded into the skin on the back of her hand was a singular symbol. A pentagram of sorts, encircled by outer markings. Figures and writing that she could not understand, in a language that was completely unknown to her. Her jaw tightened and she felt tears beginning to well up uncontrollably, her whole body shaking with... what exactly? Fear? Pain? She didn't know. She staggered back until her shoulder met the bathroom wall and she simply allowed herself to crumple down to the floor, the familiar cold tile feeling almost comforting in the face of whatever these brands that had been forced upon her were supposed to be.

They'd told her that she'd been given a great honor... rewarded with a gift reserved for only a few since 'the old days.' To her, it didn't feel like much of a gift. It felt like torture, not only of body, but of mind and even spirit. As if whatever they'd burned into her skin had been burned into her very being. Her existence. "I'm going to get through this," She whispered to herself, hugging her knees to her chest as she slowly began rocking back and forth, alone on the bathroom floor, the old house she knew so well still creaking and groaning around her. "I'm going to get through this..."