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Aoe Limits on buffs and targets?

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Aoe Limits on buffs and targets?

Hi,not sure if this fits under the category but just wanted to ask anyway.

One of the enjoyable parts I had(and I'm sure many many others as well)when playing the former a while back was battling out in huge mass mobs of enemies and feeling the rush,pummeling so many bad guys at the same time.

Eventually,seeing as the saying goes,"All goods must come to and end",it did so for CoH and CoV. It was fun while it lasted but for many,it didn't appeal to everyone of course.

Anyone remember seeing all those crazy amount of buff icons on your screen to the point of causing you to crash to desktop or freeze? (But still crazy and funny to witness when it happened and worth a screenshot or two of the memories.)

So I'd like to ask,will we have the option to enable/disable it,or will it be set from the get go at start to having limits of targets?

I know there are downsides,not many want to play"Wait for the Tank to herd the whole map for a Blaster's Aoe Nuke."

Just,I think,more options is always good,right?


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We're far from being able to

We're far from being able to answer those types of nitty gritty balance issues. However, on the grand scale, we're going to try to avoid Tanker+BlasterNuke as the answer to everything. :)

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As long as I can be a Super

As long as I can be a Super (good or bad) and take on more than 3 foes at once and NOT DIE (yes Im pointing at you WOW, SWTOR, and other 'holy' trinity games) Ill be happy :)

While I loved leaving my SD tank sitting in a pile of warwolves, getting a cup of coffee and coing back to seeing my green bar still at 100% I do think herding the ENTIRE map may be a bit too much :)

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