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Animation and FX are recruiting!

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Animation and FX are recruiting!

If anyone has mad skills in animation - or sane skills, we don't discriminate - or FX, and wants to work with us, we could sure use your help in making the most awesome superhero game we can.
Reach out at

and put Warcabbit Wants You in the subject!

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Well i wish i had joined you

Well i wish i had joined you in 2014 when i had the chance, and my skillz were new lol. If you need help I will forward my resume to you but it is mostly not dealing with games unfortunately. I have a bachelors degree in Game Software Development with C++. We touched bases a while ago dealing with level design.

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I would like to help in ANY

I would like to help in ANY WAY possible !! I have played City of Heroes in the past for as long as the game was launched until the very end. I have also played tons of other MMOs-RPGs-1st and 2nd shooters.

I would love to put my little finger print on the game that I solely LOVED to come home and log into and play untill my toon reach lvl 50+....Gosh I miss those FUN days !!! =( I am now enrolled in Full Sail university and plan on getting my Bachelor's degree in Game Design !! OAAHHH YA !! that's right !! I will no longer be adventuring from thee outside boys n girls, I'll be helping to design someone ELSEs future adventure =D ...can hardly wait for that day to come !!

Well *sighs* 'till next time......ResidualSp33d

" the future is upon us....gotta catch up !!!"