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Well there's something I didn't know about yesterday ... a real world material that has been named ALON.


Aluminium oxynitride or ALON is a ceramic composed of aluminium, oxygen and nitrogen.
Transparency range 200–5000 nm

But for those of us who are sci-fi geeks, there's a better touchstone for understanding what this stuff is ...

Looks like it only took us about 30 years to work out the dynamics of the matrixine Scotty input into the Apple ][ computer ...

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Great! We can use it for

Great! We can use it for portholes in our yellow submarine!

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Excuse me... *Runs outside

Excuse me... *Runs outside and yells* "Enterprise One to beam up!" *Sighs* No luck.

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I'm always happy to see

I'm always happy to see anything "predicted by sci-fi" become science fact. Turns out some of the initial patents for "transparent aluminum" have been around almost as long as Star Trek IV has (mid 1980s) but that doesn't make the stuff any less cool. More recently I've heard of experiments to make "transparent iron" but apparently they have to hit certain iron isotopes with all sorts of fancy X-ray lasers to get that to work at the moment.

I guess stuff like ALON is still relatively expensive to use which explains why everything isn't made out of it yet. Eventually it would be cool if they start making things like glasses or smartphone screens from that kind of thing to make them stronger and they'll probably figure it out eventually.

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That's the nature of industry

That's the nature of industry. Once they know how to make something that's expensive, someone will figure out how to miniaturize it, make it more cost efficient, and over time those two factors result in things being more available to the general public.

Give it 15 years and ALON should be readily available to civilians for comparable prices to glass.

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Alon is the name of a Fuel

Alon is the name of a Fuel company in New Mexico. Gas stations all over with that name up in lights.

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