Allison Morris - Hematitan

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Allison Morris - Hematitan

((This is a placeholder until I can get internet back on my computer and can type out an honest backstory-- which is going to be different from what I had in my head originally, so may be left until I have RPed her some. In the mean time, here's the basics!))

Name: Allison Morris
Aliases: Hematitan
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117lbs
Eyes: Milky Blue (Blind)
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Lightly Tanned
Known Powers/Abilities: Metal Manipulation; Perception/Control of Magnetic Fields
Last Seen Wearing: Black Converse Sneakers; Dark, Distressed/Worn Blue Jeans; Black Tank-top; Lengths of unusually Dark, Shiny Chain - wrapped several times around Neck, and one Shoulder

Origin Story:
Allison Isabelle Morris was born an only child to proud parents Jeffrey and Rachel. She was a sweet, quiet baby from the beginning, a delight to care for and to love. Everything seemed well as the little girl grew, learning to crawl, and then to walk. She was very curious even for a toddler, and wanted to learn everything, touch everything, do everything her parents would let her.

Just after turning two years old, her parents began to notice abnormalities with Allison's eyes, suspecting something may be wrong with her vision. Through a series of months that she does not remember, and even when later told of it will not recount it to very many folk, Allison lost her sight entirely by her third birthday.

After a time of shock and grief that was quite brief, Allsion's parents dived head first into making their child's life the best that it could be. The girl was taught to read braille, and helped to develop her remaining senses to get the most out of her life. And for the better part of ten years, Allison felt no lack of love and pleasure from her life, even with faint memories of colors and images. Even in darkness, she enjoyed Saturday morning pancakes, her father's jokes, the smell of her mother's perfume...

At thirteen, the second major turning point of Allison's life would occur, as when she opened her eyes one crisp autumn morning, something stirred in the darkness, in a way that instantly named itself as 'sight'. Her scream summoned her parents at the run, and she was taken to a doctor, then a specialist in rapid succession. It was found that the mutation that caused her early loss of sight was beginning to have some kind of effect on her brain, and perforce, her eyes, in a way that this time could be considered beneficial.

It would take years of development and practice, but by age fifteen, Allison had begun to adapt to an amazingly complex system of 'sight'. Through the enhancement of her other senses in absence of actual sight as most people see, her brain had rewired itself to pick up on magnetic fields, creating a pseudo-visual image of them depending on the frequency of their vibration, distance away from her, and the composition of anything in the near vicinity. Metals were crystal clear, if not exactly in their realistically correct colors, per se.

It wouldn't take long for the teen to realize that she could manipulate these magnetic fields, as well as the metals they showed her so clearly, effectively rendering her a meta-human capable of becoming a Hero-- a Titan.... But Allison loved her family deeply, and would never abandon them for her own fame or fortune. She was content to stay and help her family who had helped her through ten years of darkness-- to repay that favor with her own sincere love.

Her life would take it's most recent, and final turn in June of her sixteenth year, on a Sunday not unlike any other Sunday...

Her parents had gone out to do the shopping, just like they'd done every week for sixteen years-- all unknowing that, as they idled at a stoplight beside an industrial warehouse, a Titan-on-Villain battle was occurring within. The battle crashed onto the street through the wall in the building beside them, the Villain sliding into the intersection just as the light turned green. The Morris' car screeched to a halt just behind the Villain struggling to get up to his feet from the crater he had made in the asphalt-- but before Jeffrey could throw it into reverse, the Titan had lifted a parked car from the side of the road and hurled it at his foe.

The Villain was struck by the flying car-- but so was the Morris' vehicle. Both were killed instantly on impact, victims of a tragic twist of fate-- the increased risk of a life in Titan City that few pause to consider.

Her parents were not rich, but Alli was left with their suburban home and a little money to get her by. It was only through staunch legal posturing that she escaped the Foster Care system, and Alli left the house to move to the docks at Ironport, taking up odd jobs with manufacturers and inbound ships, helping to move their freight with ease.

Allison now lives a mostly solitary life, wary of Heroes and Titans and the gifted folk of the City, regardless of their good intentions. She carries a deep-seeded guilt in her heart as she often blames herself for her parents' death. If she had only been there, she could have deflected the other car, melted it, done something, anything... The thought haunts her, and the bitter ache of her loss still occasionally haunts her to this day.

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