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Accidentally Overwrote Preset.

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Isamu Kuno
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Accidentally Overwrote Preset.

So, I accidentally saved over "The Captain" preset while playing around with the character creator. How do I go about restoring it? Will simply uninstalling and reinstalling the program work, or is there more I'll need to do?

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Copy any of your saved files

Copy any of your saved files first; in fact, copy the whole "Toon" folder in a safe location, then rename The Captain's files (there are four IIRC), make sure that they all have the same name except for the extension. Then uninstall and reinstall.

Although if the dev's can supply you with unaltered files it would be a lot quicker to rename the Captain's files and then past in the unaltered Captain's files into the "Toons" folder.

Meanwhile, to everyone who hasn't already had this problem, I recommend copying your "Toons" folder in a safe location. Just in case. ^_^

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