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There was room for improvement. There should have been better and more incentives to go to the PvP zones. I liked the target marker in Sirens Call, but if your target stayed in a safe area for too long, he should have been penalized. Perhaps an hour ban from Sirens Call. Warburg was fun, but should have been a true 'Free for All'. No Teaming, buffing, healing or nametags.

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Most of the people that sat

Most of the people that sat in the safe zones were likely there just to get the time in zone badge. But as has been said in other threads that there should not be anything in PvP of interest to a PvEer then it shouldn't be a problem in CoT.

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And sometimes they sat there

And sometimes they sat there because they were greatly out numbered and didnt feel like going up against many against one when they dont stand a chance. And also some were simply there for the time badge. Other,s it's only safest area to go AFK without being easy pickings, or no desire due to past experiences real and percieved to mingle with the current crowd in the zone for various reasons and waiting to see who else shows up.

Bounty system was neat idea and worked good when there were many on boths sides where each player had different bounty target. But when it became few people, sometimes new bounty didnt show up at all or everyone get one bounty which ended up in 7-9 people vs 1 and when that 1 person got wind of it, they simple stayed in the base and went AFK. Or when the bounty system picked a time badger, then it kind of slowed the system down.

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All the PvP zones were

All the PvP zones were designed on the false premises that:
1. as soon as you had PvP zones you were going to have a large and financially-rewarding PvP population and
2. that the Hero/Villain ratio in PvP would auto-balance itself.

I expect further development of the available PvP options was killed when management concluded (rightly or wrongly) that PvP wasn't paying for itself.

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