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Sneak Peek: Auras

Our regularly scheduled update is running a little behind but that doesn’t mean we have to leave you dangling - not when we can give you the small update early. So this week, while we wait, let’s talk about... auras.

Didn’t we mention you can have auras? From day one? Yes we did, and yes you can.

In our last couple of updates, we showed you some costume items and explained how you could unlock them or purchase them. But the Avatar Builder will let you choose more than just the pieces of your costume.

Auras, like those above, will also be available so you can make your hero (or villain, vigilante, scoundrel or mercenary) look just the way you want. And as with costume pieces, some auras will be available to players from the moment you log in for the first time, and some will need to be unlocked either through the store or gameplay.

There will be even be auras for specific parts of the body like...

… the eyes

… and each hand, each foot, and the torso.

Or maybe a full body aura is more your style.

We’re exploring options, so there’ll be more to tell you later. Combat auras alone open up a world of possibilities.

The Avatar Builder doesn’t stop there. You’ll also be able to customize the animations and effects for each of your character’s powers ...but that’s a whole other update - with a lot more to see in it.

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