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How it Works: Powerset Design

In our last powers update, What We Can Do: Powers, we gave some basic information on power sets and a lot of information about the control Titans will have over individual powers, especially over how they will look via Aesthetic Decoupling, and choice of Theme and Props. Now we’re going to dig deeper into how power sets are made as a whole: the components that make them, and how those components empower us to provide a wide range of options efficiently.

What is a Power Set

At its most basic, a Power Set is simply a collection of powers the Devs have grouped together. These Power Sets come in three levels of power. In descending order, these are: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Primary Power Sets are the most potent and define an Archetype’s essential role - every character gets one. Secondary Power Sets are somewhat less potent and define a secondary role and playstyle aspect for the player. Once again each character gets only one. Tertiaries are the weakest, but you can choose a wide range of them and any Archetype can use any Tertiary set.

What is a Power Set Made of

To create a Power Set, we must first define its Basic Playstyle. The Basic styles are Melee, Ranged, Control, Support, Protection, and Summons. Then we move on to the next level: Focused Playstyle. Each Basic Playstyle has four Focused Playstyles under it. For example, Melee has Single Target Focused, Area Effect Focused, Standard Melee, and Utility Focused. Each of these Focused Playstyles generate a basic template for the Power Set.

Each template has 9 tiers, which are unlocked as a character levels up. Two of these tiers will offer a choice between two powers - you can only pick one, but which you pick will have no effect on your choices from then on. This choice allows playstyles and builds to to be even more unique.

Each Power Set is then given a Mechanical Theme for yet further diversity (as opposed to the visual theme described in our last update). Some sets have very basic Mechanical Themes such as Damage Over Time, while other Sets offer a little more complexity such as combining attacks to generate a combo effect.

The final step in designing a Power Set is designating the Set’s Speed. There are 3 Set Speeds: Quick, Medium, and Slow. The Speed setting determines the cast and recharge time values of sets, how quickly effects over time ‘tick’, and in some cases such as health attacks, how much base damage the attack has.

This layered process makes producing new power sets easier. The templates created for each combination of Basic and Focused playstyle creates a tested bed of proven, balanced numbers, to which we can add mechanical themes to create a variety of playstyles, quickly create fast and slow versions, and so on.

How Power Sets become Archetypes

Archetypes and their sub-classes are determined by combinations of Basic Playstyles. Bulwarks, the classic Stalwart class, are a combination of a Protection Primary and Melee Secondary. On the other hand the classic Enforcer, Gladiators, have a Melee Primary and Protection Secondary. Each will be able to choose not only a Focused Playstyle but eventually various mechanical variations on a Focused Playstyle, for both their Primary and Secondary powersets.

Fulfill your Concept - Tertiaries

Tertiary Sets are often more basic, truncated versions of Secondary Sets. There are also some additional sets such as Super Senses. At the moment, all Archetypes can use all Tertiaries with no restrictions. Testing of course may require us to change this. Tertiary Power selections unlock over time at key character levels just like Primary and Secondary power tiers. You will not need to choose between unlocking a Primary or Secondary power or getting a Tertiary.

The Launch Sets

We are starting the game with 5 Power Sets per Basic Playstyle. That means for each Basic Playstyle, one Focused Style will have two options. Below is the updated list of our Launch Power Set List.


Atrophic Aura, Super Agility, Invulnerability, Solid Form, Grit


Super Strength, Tactical Combat, Massive Melee, Kinetic Melee, Fighting Prowess


Force Blast, Atrophic Blast, Lethality, Psychic Blast, Vampiric Blast


Preservation, Strategy, Devices, Barrier Generation, Vampiric Emanation


Gravity, Psychic Control, Power Control, Illusions, Force Control

A Brief Look Ahead at Sets of the Future

Of course, we’re not going to stop there. Here’s a look at what we plan for the future:

Assault Sets: Designed by pairing ranged and melee attacks by pairing thematic mechanics, these sets will offer plenty of flexibility in how to engage your opponent in combat.
Manipulation Sets: These Secondary Sets will comprise many control and support abilities. This is also where control-heavy Tertiaries will be formed.
Summons Sets: With this Primary set type Players will be able to summon pets and have direct control over their actions.

We hope you enjoyed this update from your friendly neighborhood carrier of a red crowbar, Spiro “Tannim222” Raxiotis

As ever, please discuss this update over on our forums.