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How it Works: Masteries

In addition to Archetype and Powers, a Titan's playstyle is also defined by his Mastery. Each Archetype in City of Titans has access to a selection of Mastery Sets, and each character can have a total of three Mastery Powers. Each Mastery Set has 3 powers. You can distribute your choices however you like: the only rule is that to access the second and third tiers you must have chosen the power before it.

You first gain access to Masteries at level 5, when you get your first power choice. You'll receive your second and third choice at level 15 and 25. These are allotted separately from your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary power selections and do not impact your choices there. There are no additional Mastery slots at later levels - you are intended to have reached your Archetype's full potential by level 25. This leaves you more open to experiencing the higher tier powers of your Power sets and learning how to use them without also having to master how to leverage your Mastery powers (pardon the pun).

Every Mastery Set is designed to enhance the play style of an Archetype. We design these sets based on a particular play style associated with the Archetype and break down the basics of how it should play and build out from there. This is the list of our launch Mastery Powers, by Archetype:

Stalwart Mastery Sets

Mastery SetTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Living TargetIntimidating PresenceProvoking AttackUndeniable
BruiserPunishing BlowBreak DownDestabilizing Force
Battle LeaderFrontline DefenderCenter of CombatStanding Tall

Enforcer Mastery Sets

Mastery SetTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
RageEnragedBerserkExplosive Rage
Surprise StrikeWaylayExploitive AttackHead Hunter

Ranger Mastery Sets

Mastery SetTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
EliminatorEliminationDebilitateKill Streak
ResolveResoluteAdamantStrong Will
SuppressionCovering FirePin DownSuppressive Fire

Guardian Mastery Sets

Mastery SetTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Saving GraceUmbrageDisgraceSalvation
BalanceBalance of PowerTip the ScalesLife and Death

Operator Mastery Sets

Mastery SetTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
FocusAttack into SubmissionQuicken ResolvePayback
SupremacyOverpowerUndauntedGrasp of Power

Our last Mastery Update was four years ago, almost to the day. We’ve done a lot of work since then and can give you the details from a lot more than two examples. Here is a brief description of one mastery set from each Archetype.

Bruiser is for the more offense minded Stalwart. Punishing Blow debuffs an an enemy’s Evasion and Defense. Break Down will debuff Resistance. Destabilizing Force add a Disorient effect to your attacks and can deliver additional damage to controlled targets.

Surprise Strike is for Enforcers looking to take advantage of their opponents. Taking Waylay will give a bonus to Accuracy and Crit range against unsuspecting opponents. Using Exploitive Attack will have increased Crit range against a controlled enemy. And if you want to really take on those difficult enemies, Head Hunter gives additional Crit bonuses against higher ranked enemies (for ranks above Mook).

Suppression is good for the more tactical minded. Using Covering Fire will cause your target to Miss more often. Pin Down will slow their movement. Suppressive Fire will cause your enemy to have less of a chance to Crit, but will also make it and those near it do less damage if affected by Covering Fire while those that are affected by Pin Down will also have their Recharge debuffed.

Saving Grace will be capable of truly saving the day. Umbrage increases buffs on your allies the lower their health becomes. Disgrace will increase any debuffs on healthier enemies. You will turn the tide with Salvation which causes a heal to occur when an enemy is defeated by an allies’ critical attack, and if an ally falls in battle to a crit, Salvation returns them to battle.

Focus can benefit a solo Operator, but is definitely a boon to the team player. Attack into Submission increases the duration of control effects on an enemy each time they are attacked. Quicken Resolve will provide allies near a controlled enemy that is hit with a Recharge buff. Payback gives back a portion of Power to allies attacking a controlled target.

As you can imagine, being able to pick from multiple Mastery Sets will provide each Archetype with a variety of ways to play, whether you choose to focus on one set or spread your interests for a hybrid approach. Between your Mastery selections, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sets, we believe we've achieved an important goal: no character need play exactly like another. We’ve provided the diversity: you'll make the choices. You can read more about all the Masteries planned for launch here

Written by Spiro 'Tannim22' Raxiotis

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