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Construction Zone

Build, build, build... we’ve kept our nose to the grindstone lately finalizing our character creator and building Titan City. While much of the refining work we are doing is happening behind the scenes and doesn’t make for good visuals for an update, this week we decided to return for a snapshot of construction taking place in Alexandria, Titan City’s launch zone.

We’ve shown you some of these buildings as stand alone structures in previous updates here. Now we can add some context since these buildings have been uploaded into the UE game environment and are now part of a neighborhood.

A few important caveats to what you will see: First, the environment is missing lighting and animation effects. Things like water in fountains or fire in cauldrons are missing. Second, all of the natural pieces of the environment are placeholders. We will have plants, trees, flowers etc with better textures and motion from wind that will be brought in later. Also, most ground areas need environmental texturing (anywhere you see white). Finally, you will see many placeholder buildings as well - this is still a work in progress, with lots of detail and improvements to come.

What we do want to share is the continuing progress in construction of Alexandria. Think of it like a toy city that’s mid-way built, with many sections looking close to finished, many with pieces partly finished, and some open areas waiting for future model parts to be added.

We'll start off in Pharos, with a look at the area around the fire station. This is the administrative home of the Titan City Fire Department with the Pharos Station Headquarters at center, and the Pharos Beacon towering in the back

Climbing to the top of the beacon tower, you can get a clear view of City Hall, and even New Bradford off in the distance.

At the base of the beacon tower you'll find the Alexandria Fallen Firefighters' Memorial; a place for honoring those who have fallen in the line of duty.

Not far from the fire station, you'll find the campus of Ephesus University, with the Alexandria Colossus standing nearby.

Ephesus University campus is in mid-construction right now. Many of the buildings and environment have been built, such as the Harlan Brown Law Center modern building in the middle, the Pantheon Replica mogul building on the top right side, the Ephesus University Clock Tower building in the top, mid-right, and the Clark Hall building with turquoise color in the top-mid section.

Some schools challenge you to climb the ladder of success. EU just challenges you to make it up the stairs.

The Labyrinth Natural History Museum is a popular spot for graduate students and fans of history.

And the Thunderbolt is popular with students who are looking to unwind after a long day of study.

At the center of it all is Phoenix Plaza.

The Phoenix statue stands as a reminder of the city's past...

... and a connection to the Future.

It’s fun to see things as they are being built, and we hope you appreciate this peek behind the curtain. We are designing Alexandria to be a place that we think will be intriguing to explore. We'll be showing you more in the upcoming weeks as the City comes to life.

This update brought to you by Nathan 'Red Warlock' Purkiss, Zack 'ShadowElusive' Singer, and Jason 'Penitent Rebel' Comerford.

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