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Moguls and Landmarks: Revisiting Alexandria

Exploring Titan City through Maps - Revisiting Alexandria

The last few weeks we have been sharing a mapped look at mogul buildings in the Old Bradford neighborhood with you. We thought it might be worthwhile this week to share a similar update on landmark and mogul buildings in Alexandria, our launch neighborhood, so that you can see how the buildings will be placed there.

Over the last year we have shared updates on Alexandria. If you have not had a chance to see these previous updates, they can be found here:

And here:

While we have shared many models of Alexandria buildings in the past, we haven’t shared them in the context of how they will be mapped in the city. Also, there are several new models you may not have seen yet, including the Phoenix statue in Phoenix Plaza, the American Star Mausoleum, the Statue of Heroism (also called the Colossus), and the Hanging Gardens.

Here is a quick snapshot of the whole district.

Alexandria Neighborhood:

City Hall

Phoenix Statue

Titan City Museum

Pharos Fire Station

Pharos Beacon

Pharos Practice Tower

Alexandria Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Vandervere Museum of Technology

Alexandria Central Library

Nguyen Museum of Modern Art

Labyrinth Natural History Museum

The Holt House

And we have some new models that haven’t been shared yet for the lower portion of the Library District:

American Star Mausoleum

The Statue of Heroism (also called the Colossus)

The Hanging Gardens

Ephesus University Clock Tower Building

Ephesus University Clark Hall

Ephesus University Harlan Law Center

The Pantheon

The Thunderbolt Dive Bar


That concludes our four-week look at Landmark and Mogul building work being done. We hope you enjoyed it, we are very excited by the progress made in modeling our first two neighborhoods and will continue to share progress with you throughout 2019 on Landmarks and Moguls!

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