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Chasing Gameplay Memories

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Chasing Gameplay Memories

I've been looking through the posts, and it occurred to me that trying to recapture the essence of City of _ may prove very difficult indeed. People liked different parts of the game, and probably hung out with like-minded folk. By the time of its demise, the game had grown quite large. All of these considerations mean that fond memories are quite varied, perhaps to the point of mutual inconsistency - a Rashomon of play styles and game features that may not accurately reflect how the game really worked.

How then to move forward? I'm pleased that the devs here have made it clear that they plan to implement THEIR vision of a worthy successor. Better a clear but limited vision than an attempt to please EVERYONE. Still, what's the best way for us hopers to provide useful suggestions?

For example, I feel strongly about crowd control, mainly because I enjoyed playing controllers, and would like to recreate some of them. Yet, given the new engine, and other modern innovations, maybe there's a way to build a game about supers that's more fun without crowd control as we knew it.

Of course, "fun" is very much an emergent and subjective phenomenon, but then, arguably so is crowd control. It depends in large part on MOB AI, the nature of the in-game environment, character abilities like taunting, the balance of player damage v MOB health, and of course player behavior, among other considerations. Is it reasonable then to ask for "strong crowd control," without reference to anything else?

Similarly, healing isn't as simple as it seems at first glance. In City of _, player characters healed at all times, although at different rates depending on the situation. Thus, depending on other aspects of the build, it was practical in many cases not to use self-heals. In Champions, one does not heal spontaneously in combat. There, my characters who didn't need self-heals before, suddenly do...and not because the heals there are "weaker." A seemingly small change in game systems changes how one should build...and that's without considering other effects, like ranged v melee, or MOB AI (again).

I guess what I'm saying is that a "spiritual successor" may require some adjustments to our hopes and expectations. Play styles, to say nothing of particular characters, may need to change from what we recall. Even if the devs wanted to, even if they had all the resources in the world, they can't re-create what we think we remember. I worry that people, including myself, may have unreasonably fixed ideas about what we want out of CoT. So how best then to identify, and ask for, what we DO want?

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I suspect there will be a

I suspect there will be a percentage of old-time CoH players who'll hate CoT because it's not going to be like the CoH they "remember" as you put it. Some of those initial haters may eventually come to terms with their feelings and decide CoT is a good game after all. Some others may never give CoT a fair chance and decide they don't/won't like it regardless if it's a good game on its own or not.

I loved CoH and played it pretty regularly during its 8.5 year run. But I'm looking forward to CoT as much for its differences to CoH as its similarities. Mostly I'm just hoping it'll be a good game that'll stand on its own and not feel like a sad "Frankenstein" of CoH just for the sake of bringing something back to life.

The only "problem" I have with CoH now is that it's starting to look more and more like a 10+ year old game. In a nutshell I want the "look-n-feel" of CoH's gameplay wrapped in a new, modern game engine. Hopefully CoT will deliver something like that.

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Well to me the success of CoX

Well to me the success of CoX was the fact that it didn't focus on one group of people but rather many. Want to try to make the most powerful character and grind to you're hearts content? Go for it. Want to try to make the best costume you can? Sure. Want to roleplay and talk to other people? Go for it. Want to collect badges? Who's stopping you? Heck you can even just name you're character "Chainsaw ninja" and just treat like a game of saint's row.

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There is always the 'star

There is always the 'star wars factor' to consider when something is created using something else as a guidline. They can never be exactly the same and we are not exactly the same. So as a result we will never recapture that original feeling with a copy or a sequel. Im pretty sure most people understand that at least on some level.

The idea is that it hits the right notes to provide us a nostalgic feeling as well as the excitement of something new. That is (at least I think it is) the goal of this project and as the devs are essentially the same as us I am confident that they will do everything they can to bring us exactly that. It wont work for everyone as Lothic said but it will for a majority.

Then again, I could be completely wrong and we could get something else completely... until then I would rather be hopeful than pessimistic.