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how much defense/resistance can we have if we are willing to sacrifice for it?

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how much defense/resistance can we have if we are willing to sacrifice for it?

just because i like to study extremes, to keep my huge brain occupied, how much defense or resistance can we nab before something steps in and denies it? will we have caps, will they be secret? dimnishing returns?

can i make a tank that can hardly do any damage, or may other things, but is almost unkillable? i hate the thought of using such a thing in a raid, i hope npc intelligence will be better, but how far can i tweak things? i know i will never do vast amounts of damage no matter what i sacrifice, but what are my options?

speak to me o' mighty devs!


(are we there yet?)

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In CoH, they used diminishing

In CoH, they used diminishing returns to stop people from turning omnipotent. Knowing how CoT is trying to keep the game as close to the predecessor as possible unless otherwise stated- and is suspiciously quiet about this- then they will likely do the same thing.

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Tank in EvE online is serious

Tank in EvE online is serious business, and they achieved degrading performance through two means: Multiplicative resistances, and stacking penalty.

Multiplicative resistances refers to applying multiple resistances by multiplying only the remaining unresisted damage. For example, if you have 3 30% resist to X, then the damage you receive is calculated as follows:

Actual applied damage = X (.7 * .7 * .7)


Actual applied damage = X ( .343)

This translates to 3 30% resistances adding up to 65.7% resistance, rather than 90%, which would be addative stacking. This method prevents true 100% resistance from being possible, though it remains a possibility to get a given DPS value below the character's regeneration rate and thus achieve de-facto 100% DPS reduction.

The stacking penalty is a bit more straightforward, where the 2nd, 3rd, ect. resistance effect specifically suffers a % loss in efficiency based on how many other effects are already in place. Coding wise, this is actually probably slightly more difficult to design because the most powerful single effects need to be calculated first, and thus suffer the least stacking penalty, which weaker single effects coming in later with the most penalty.

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Well, guys, we're still

Well, guys, we're still tweaking things. And anything I say today will be totally wrong when it gets to beta, Because I'm pretty sure we're going to run into something at some point that will force us tear everything we have up and throw it out. Again. For the eighth time. But that being said, your tanky guys are going to be pretty darn tanky even at low levels, and really darn tanky at high. As far as going purely turtle - well, it's not really about how much damage you take, as how much damage you prevent your buddies in your team from taking, and there's a whole bunch of ways you can do it. That's what masteries are about. From drawing everyone's attention to you, to making them miss other people, to just doing damage to people who dare ignore you.

Right now, the numbers look like, if you've got one person helping you, you can be pretty much immune to most damage short of being beat on by a Named enemy, and pretty tough against him. If we make a specific 'turtle' mastery to crank it up further? Well, we might. Might not. Depends on how we go and what the numbers look like. But we now know you're wanting it.

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So as the healer I'll be

So as the healer I'll be screaming help me help me !!!! Aggro heal will pull a mob off the tank lol

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we cannot have superman.

we cannot have superman.

it has been tried in so many games. it cannot be done.

but i think one aspect close to what he has might be possible if other aspects are dimmed to various degrees.

i always loved it when massive monsters would drop a aoe on several teams, and all the tanks would die or be knocked back, save for one.

hmmmmm. a example:.......healer wants protection, blob cup mode? cover the healer and make it so they cannot be attacked? of course this mode also makes the tank unable to attack at all, or even draw attention, while the healer inside can only heal themselves, or the one covering them.

tanks should still have options, pets are meat shields, but not tanks.

What a man thinks of himself, that is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate. - Henry David Thoreau