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Chat Buffer

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Chat Buffer

One of the issues I had with the City was my inability to monitour the chat tabs while changing characters. I would like to have a feature that has a buffer of say ten minutes or so that would allow me to see the chat that I had missed while at the log in screen.

I also am one of those players that spent a great deal of time in the character creation screen.. I would also be mice to view the chat tabs from here (and possibly chat from there).

Hope that all makes sense.

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I had similar problems. It

I had similar problems. It really surprised me after CoH shut down, how few... VERY few MMOs had something like a global handle. I was like losing all your friends whenever you made a new character.

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At least currently, globals

At least currently, globals are on the chalkboard (certainly I hope so, since we have a KS reward that gives you an earlier-than-usual opportunity to pick yours out).

There are a set of technical issues that cannot be nailed down quite yet, mostly because they involve how we integrate the chat engine with everything else, but I do know that both "not losing chat context" and "access to chat from other screens" are on the list of desired behavior. Which basically means "if we can, we will", we just can't yet promise much about whether we *can* under certain circumstances.

There are also other aspects of the planned chat system that might help mitigate this in other ways, but I can't go into them in any real depth right now, because we still haven't hashed out whether (and if so, how) certain setups would work.

But this set of concerns is definitely on the list of things to be kept in mind as we work on it.

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