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Who are the Devs in your Neighborhood?

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Zombie Man
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Who are the Devs in your Neighborhood?

Greetings my brainlings!

I am Zombie Man, Online Community Manager for The Phoenix Project (TPP) and a Moderator for these here forums. I work for Rae, our PR Lead. We're considered the 'business side' of the volunteer structure tree.

You may remember me from the old CoH forums as the editor of the Guide to Guides as well as an author of other guides, most notably, the Issue Guides.

The purpose of this forum is for our Devs to communicate with you all, e.g., asking you all what you think about X or Y or whatever. If you want to start a conversation, please use the next forum down, Suggestions and Idea.

I'll see about rounding up some of the Devs to introduce themselves.

Online Community Manager & Forum Moderator

Online Community Manager & Forum Moderator

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Hi! I am Kitsune9tails and I

Hi! I am Kitsune9tails and I am Assistant Director of Composition. That means I am deeply involved in developing the writing and Lore for our game. I also help wrangle the localization and editing, so blame me for the typographical errors and misspellings that will inevitably sneak in. You may remember me from the CoH forums due to numerous threads where I posed various thought experiments. You may also have played along some of my favorite characters like Dark Tower, Daisy Dukes, Hero1ne and Dame Fatale. I will continue to read and consider your thoughts on how the best stories you have ever experienced can be improved upon in our medium, as well as how we can avoid the mistakes of the past. Talk! Debate! Have fun and roleplay! All of that will help us make the best possible game for you.


Composition Assistant Director, Composition Team

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Conundrum of Furballs here,

Conundrum of Furballs here, one of the lowly writers of the Lore to which Kitsune9Tails referred. Myself, and the other writers, have so far come up with innumerable ideas for the lore, some of which may or may not make it in; some will make it, and yet not be seen until expansions (and yes, those are being planned as well!). I played predominately on Guardian, and those of you that were there may remember me in many forms, due to a couple-years-long bout of altitis. Any feedback or thoughts that you may have as far as character, faction, or even infrastructure (city-building) concepts are always welcome, and something that us writers thrive on. really, you should see some of the discussions that have started with someone's off-handed remark, and then turned into a really nice idea.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

Conundrum of Furballs, Staff Writer

(insert any relevant caveats here...)


Conundrum of Furballs

Composition Team, Staff Writer

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Hi. I'm Warcabbit and I do

Hi. I'm Warcabbit and I do things. Currently, my job title is President's Aide, and my actual job is... whatever is necessary, through whatever means necessary. If it means recruiting programmers, I do that. If it means reaching out to Boing-Boing, I do that. If it means hammering on Maya or 3DS Max, I do that. Whenever possible, I'm over bothering the Lore people, writing really amazing things and suggesting horrible things to do to good people. Or bad people. One of them. Maybe both of them. Either way. Some of you may remember me from Virtue as La Pucelle, or @warcabbit, and running the old Supergroup Alliance meetings in Perez Park. Or any of a number of old events.

Just remember, you're not super till you put on The Cape. ( )

Project Lead

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Hello all! I'm Ozmosis and I

Hello all! I'm Ozmosis and I am currently a Staff writer for the Pheonix Project. I initially joined on as part of the art team, since Ihave a college degree in visual arts. I had started by doing some 2D concept work, but then gave writting a try. I was quickly given more work and eventually came to the Lore team full time. I was playing CoH since 2004, and my global was also Ozmosis. I spent most of my time on Protector. People there may recognize my plethora of avatars since most of them started with Ozmosis! My first and main too, however, was Ycebergg, and ice/ice tank!

You wear a mask to hide who you are, I wear a mask to show who I am.

Staff Writer, Composition Team

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I'm SpaceMoose, an extremely

I'm SpaceMoose, an extremely minor contributor to Composition. Went by ThugOne on CoH. Played mostly on Triumph heroside and Protector villainside, but wasn't particularly prominent on either.


Composition Team

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My name is Ceremonius. As

My name is Ceremonius. As most of the others I am also a part of Compositon. I am German Localization Lead and well...guess what my job is.
I started earlier this year at MWM (01/2013). First in a more or less technical way. Since then I got tossed around, lending a hand whereever a hand was needed.

Yes, I am german and you may know me from City of Heroes - Server Zukunft. I was the lovely cyber vampire knight called Ceremonius.
And if you ever met my "Frauenheld", I am sorry.
Some may also recognize me from Champions Online (closed beta IRC Channel Operator), or the Cohmpendium (one of the bigger german CoX fansites (down)).

So if someone has a question: Feel free to ask :)

Composition Team, German Localization Lead & Moderator

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As most of you can hopefully

As most of you can hopefully guess from the bit on the left, DeathSheepFromHell here. Also known as @Varrock on CoX (mostly redside on Infinity early on, then Virtue later) or @DeathSheepFromHell on CO, although I've been too busy to log in there much recently.

I started with MWM back in spring of this year. Initially I was working more or less exclusively on code -- primarily various parts of the code that are involved in making things actually show up, move around, and otherwise "exist" in the game world. As something of a side effect, this ended up meaning that I brushed off some of my old hobbyist experience with 3D rendering and the math and programming that drive it, and eventually joined the Art team as something of a tools / tech specialist (still do plenty of coding, however). Just recently my role on the Art team has expanded to include acting as the assistant art director, though I am still settling into that role.

I can also be found dealing with a variety of topics outside those roles, at various times -- far too many to list here. But as several of the other devs have said above, if you have questions, feel free to ask.

Developer Emeritus
and multipurpose sheep

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Well, it looks like, due to

Well, it looks like, due to one situation and another, I'm working very hard as your Project Lead. Someone's got to do it. I'm the spot where the buck stops, the hammer falls, and the blame resides.

I've recognized a number of you as old friends, and I'm glad you're out there. You know me, and you know I never give up.

Some of you may even remember that Paragon selected me to be a member of PERC, to bring fun to everyone. It was a real education in expectations and delivery, and I think I'm going to be pretty good at remembering what we did right, and what we did wrong, and using that to bring pure fun to you.

And I have to tell you, this group of people are some of the most astonishing people I've been privileged to work with. I've known some of them for years, and some for months, but each and every one of them has some incredible talents.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've found another problem. Looks like a nail... good thing I've got my hammer.

Project Lead

Rocket Cat
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Hello! I'm Rocket Cat, one

Hello! I'm Rocket Cat, one of the 2D concept artists currently making doodles for our stretch goals on our Kickstarter page and have made cartoony Meet the Team avatars of some of our team leads for fun. I also made an image of villainous concepts for the Meet the Team header.

I was a member of the RP Congress on Pinnacle and later Virtue as @Daggerjack, with a mission of playing animal based heroes attempting to blend in as quirky sidekicks to their human teammates in the spotlight. As a result, I'm going to work tirelessly to make sure that whenever animal-themed factions or costume parts are needed in the game, that I'll petition to put my best work forward to make them look cool. But really, I'm going to be trying to put my quirky faux-anime style wherever it's approved, as long as it doesn't clash with our main concepts.

I'm an artist inspired by anime and anthropomorphic animal art. I published a graphic novel for Radio Comix in 2003 called Gold Digger: Edge Guard. (ISBN-10 0970791046; ISBN-13 9780970791047)

Currently working full-time for Target in electronics!

Art Team

Pep Rally
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Howdy y'all. Pep Rally here.

Howdy y'all. Pep Rally here.

I started out in the 2D department back in January, but switched over to 3D along the way because I've always wanted to learn about 3D modeling for games. It's been hard work, but loads of fun, and I've gained so much knowledge in the past months that I feel like it's been well worth my time even if I didn't feel feel so strongly about our game.

As for my CoX career, I started in Sept. 2004 on Champion server, and was instantly hooked. I would have started sooner, but I couldn't play online games with a shared dial-up at my old apartment. Yay for cable internet. For months, I'd spend my days at work thinking of new names, new concepts, and variations of builds for my toons, then rush home to implement my plans, and play until it was time for bed. I eventually slowed down, but kept playing for years with only a couple short breaks until the end.

CoX was my first MMO, so I had no idea about the holy trinity, but after trying out all the ATs, I fell in love with Tanks. I loved being nigh-invulnerable, and protecting my team. I was a huge Tank proponent, which was only reenforced when I attended the 2nd Tanker Tuesday community event on Champion back in Nov. '04, and attended most of them for it's 8 year run.
I even started the Tanker Tuesday Tour in 2009 which brought the event to every server that year, and was continued by Tank enthusiasts from those servers. We've even tried to keep it going in Champions Online, but it just isn't the same.

I also loved going to the Tanker, and Art Forums, helping out new tanks with questions, and builds(Mids was like a CoX mini-game in itself), and doing art trades with fellow CoX-ers, respectively.

I went to school for Mechanical Engineering, but was never able to get a job in the field(my heart was never in it anyways), thus I bounced around jobs for a bit, even working for my dad some(carpenter), and eventually took those carpentry skills to my current job at Home Depot.

I've been a comics/manga/anime fan since the 80s, although I've had trouble catching up since the late 90's when I couldn't afford comics anymore. It was all about the X-men, Robotech, and Transformers back then. I loved the art styles of Jim Lee, and Adam Warren, as well as the humor/art of Rumiko Takahashi, and Fred Perry.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.


Art Team

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Hi, Amvin here.

Hi, Amvin here from the state that gives us the unreal engine.

I'm one of the 2d and 3d artist making some of the things you'll see in-game. I've always been drawing something since I was little. So, I went with the art side of things for the game when I joined the project. I've been helping out for almost a year now with a varius of things from ui concepts, logos, costume concepts and props concepts. On the 3D side of things. I've been playing around with blender on and off just to get use to the layout for about three to four years. So, i've not been doing 3d stuff for long and i'm learning stuff pretty fast :). I'm currently reading up on and watching videos for the software that we will be using to learn where everything is. I went to school for computer programming, but I didn't finnish because of personal reasons that happened at that time.

COX was my first mmo and I played on the justice server. I played on and off for years since i7 til the end when the world went boom. I played other superhero mmos, but they never felt like a superhero mmo not like cox anyway.

When I'm not working on stuff for the game I'm playing games and programming as well as doing things around the house for grandma since she can't half walk while mom is at work.


Art Team