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Sister Silicon

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Sister Silicon

Cape Chasers Slack Chat Log:

apedude143: where the f*** did this come from?
InUrDatabase: The IPV6 address suggests Uzbekistan, but it's mostly garbage. Obviously forged. Unless you actually *buy* this parallel universe story.
apedude143: hey im sure somebody in the nrd has a machine in bldg 4 subbasement d that could open a dimensional rift or somethign
InUrDatabase: Orrrrrr, somebody necro'd an Overclock thread in the Paragons section with some bad fanfic. Get real.
apedude143: im just saying im on the lookout for a ginger amazon robot
holywomaan0101: jinx-thats-my-fetish.gif
holywomaan0101: ????
apedude143: you know what i mean
InUrDatabase: ????????????
holywomaan0101: I'm not here to kink shame. Anyway, I don't blame ape. Stranger things have happened than a hero arriving in TC from another universe.
InUrDatabase: Whatever. I'm going to double-check our security anyway. Uzbekistan. Are you kidding me?

1 Attachment:

Name: Moira Siobhan Mullins
UISN: 7bb08574-7372-4041-a458-1b3a9ed5f49c
Alias: Sister Silicon
Age: 38 (AI Age: 9)
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA (AI birthplace: Christchurch, New Zealand)
Nationality: Dual American/Irish citizen
Appearance: 193cm; broad, athletic build; red hair; green eyes; pale complexion.
Powers: Human intelligence uploaded into neural network.
Costume: None
(All physical descriptions based on "social" AI host frame. Combat frame parameters TBD.)

Entropy is coming for this universe. If you subscribe to the theory that heat death is the ultimate end of the universe, this may sound obvious.

But in this place, Entropy has become a proper noun. It has another name, but I dare not speak it. This Entropy has a purpose, and a will, and desires as incomprehensible to us as ours are to it. Even the laws of physics, mathematics, and fundamental constants of our realities are destructive to one another. We’re not fighting over resources or territory or social contracts. Our respective laws of thermodynamics compel us to war.

And some punk-ass villains thought they could harness this Entropy. Now, thanks to their foolishness, both in this nexus universe and an adjacent node, we’re in direct conflict with Entropy, and I don’t know how much longer the balance can hold.

I guess now would be a good time to mention that I’m not even supposed to be here today.

I lost contact with the nexus universe that is my true home about five years ago. It was there that, after a car accident in 2003, I became a full-conversion cyborg. Brain in a jar, life support system, robot body, yadda yadda yadda, and— surprise! The power to manipulate electricity! What started as the ultimate in assistive technology became my ticket to becoming a superhero, and Sister Silicon was born. And with a degree in robotics, I was able to upgrade myself quite a bit.

I lost contact with the bridge universe that connected my home nexus and the one I live in today shortly after. It was there that, after being struck by a car in 2009, I was saved by having my consciousness uploaded into a neural network. A massively multi-threaded CPU, holographic crystal storage matrix, and zero-point energy capture core, in a self-contained unit about the size and shape of a thermos bottle, with an I/O interface standardized for use with a wide variety of mass-market or bespoke robot bodies, all invented in the late 1970s. Amazing how a potential extinction level event will spur new research.

Here’s the thing: I was uploaded, but I survived. Well, the original me survived. I guess I’m a fork of the original Moira Mullins, for lack of a better word. Still as curious and passionate as I ever was, with American guts and an Irish heart and a surprisingly deeper faith in God, but with a perfect memory and the computational capacity of a supercomputer.

We stayed in that bridge universe for a few months, as we learned about it and the unknown nexus on the other side, and we built a new body to replace the loaner I was using. I don’t think it ever really stopped being weird, but we figured out how to live as “twin sisters”, Moira Catherine Mullins and me, Moira Siobhan Mullins, after my grandmother. We couldn’t stay forever, though, and for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss, Moira Catherine and I went our separate ways. She went back home, and I came here with the intent of learning about this universe.

I don’t just tinker with my own body anymore, I build entire new ones, specialized and optimized for whatever the situation calls for. This universe opened up new research and development possibilities I never had back home. On duty, I’m stronger, faster, and more durable. Off duty, I’m more human, believe it or not, re-engineering capabilities I had lost years ago. And I was able to spin those R&D efforts off into a new company, Creidne Cybernetics, so I could advance the state of the art in assistive technology for people around the world.

I hoped that one day our peoples would meet as friends and allies, not strangers. Those hopes are now dashed. I can’t go home, and I dare not stay here. Even if this universe survives its brush with Entropy, it will be too diminished to risk exposure. A window of opportunity has closed, and I can’t extrapolate when it will reopen.

It’s time to move on. I’ve divested my stake in Creidne, put my other affairs in order, and said goodbye to the few close friends I have. (It’s not easy for artificial-intelligent life in this universe’s United States. But what’s one more form of otherness for bigots to hate on top of the ones I already had, right?)

I see a few possibilities for other nexus universes to settle in. The elasticity of time between parallel universes places some of them in the relative future, while others are contemporary. Wherever I decide to go, I’ll take some time to study and learn. It doesn’t take nearly as long as it did before. I’ll adapt, using local technology and my own engineering skills to remake myself again. I’ll take up the causes of justice and mercy, just as I’ve done countless times before. (Countless to you, maybe. I won’t bore you with the statistics I’ve instinctively compiled.) And maybe, one day, I’ll bring my new friends home to meet my old friends, and my family.

Twitter: @SisterSilicon

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Author's notes:

Author's notes:

  • I took the liberty of borrowing some of the Cape Chasers. I hope the powers-that-be don't mind.
  • Anything that looks like a lampshade probably is.
  • I'm hedging my bets completely on powers, because I don't know where to start. She was an Elec/Elec Blaster in CoH, and drifted from Electric blaster to beam-spamming Power Armor off-tank in CO.


Meta-headcanon: Look at any crossover event in comics, and you’ll see that it’s usually some sort of cosmic extinction-level event. DC and Marvel don’t cross paths just so Superman and Hulk can have a punch-measuring contest. At the same time, each publisher has its own multiverse. So I came up with my own system for explaining the arrangement.

  • Nexus universes are where the primary stories take place: Marvel Earth-616, DC Earth One, CoH Primal Earth, CO Champions Earth.
  • Then you have your adjacent universes, surrounding the nexus like the electron cloud around the nucleus of an atom. Marvel has had the MCU, Ultimates, and 2099, for example. DC had a whole catalog of numbered alternates. CoH had old Statesman-with-a-goatee Praetoria, Nova Praetoria, the Shadow Shard, and a bunch of Portal Corp. missions. CO has Multifaria (which is really the PnP game’s Left-Handed Earth) and the Qliphothic World.
  • Finally, there are bridge universes that connect nexus universes in interesting ways. Amalgam Comics mashing up DC and Marvel characters is the best example of a bridge. (If you missed Amalgam, here’s an example: {Wolverine, Jubilee, Sabertooth} + {Batman, Robin, Joker} = {Dark Claw, Death Urge Overdrive Sparrow, Hyena})

(Inside baseball: Sister Silicon came through a bridge ‘verse of CoH heroes and CO villains. Dr. Destroyer was killed in the Battle of Detroit, but a dead-man’s switch connected to his heart triggered the world-wide release of a mutagen that sterilzed half the human population.)

I then grafted this headcanon onto Portal Corp. standard operating procedure in CoH to hang a lampshade on the lack of true crossovers because, as we’ve already established, Crossovers Are Bad. That’s what the Moiras are not at liberty to discuss. Technically, there’s been no breach of protocol because Moira Catherine came back.

Entropy: That was my obfuscation of CO’s Qliphothic World, and a bit of a jab at how Cryptic’s CO Skeleton Crew is leaning on it a bit too heavily without really understanding the PnP lore behind it. I don’t mean to imply that it’s something following Moira Siobhan around. As far as I’m concerned, Primal Earth is safe and sound, right where we left it, and Moira Catherine is still running around Talos Island like she owns the place.

Twitter: @SisterSilicon

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I didn't catch on at first,

I didn't catch on at first, but you mentioned she's hopped across universes twice and that the first fell to an entropy. Once you mentioned her powers from CoH and CO I caught on, nice touch!

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Cape Chasers Forum

Cape Chasers Forum

DigitalDeva42 wrote: Oh what's this seems someone I might like to get to know. Not many know what's it like to have one's awareness imprinted on a computer! I DO! Wonder if I can get her to join the dark side we can be cyber buddies!

CyborgDeva69 wrote: Seems this new girl the hero type. Still a chance to interface with a new hero from another reality. Sounds so much fun.

TheGameMaster wrote: Uugh, you two!


Okay had a bit of fun. Who knows given the rules of other realities Sister Silicon could be Hotwire from another dimension.

Hotwire was a normal 15-year-old where her older brother 17-year-old Code Monkey was the Metahuman technokinetic. Then just like your character, there was a car crash. In a moment of panic Code Monkey powers activated for the first time saved Hotwire's life. It also turned her into a Cyborg.

Later during the Forum RP here Hotwire has connected the supercomputer system she used to manage her illegal gambling and criminal internet. When the Motorheads attacked a power surge caused her body to go into a coma and her mind transferred into the network.

Now, both versions of Hotwire are awake and active. The cyborg now calling herself Hardware.

Personal rules of good roleplay
1.) Nothing goes as planned.
2.) If it goes as planned it's not good RP