The Fall of Miss Aegis

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The Fall of Miss Aegis

Hero Name: Miss Aegis (No Longer Used)
Secret ID Name: Myri Kenn'et
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Class: Guardian - Sentinel
Primary Power: Barriers
Secondary Power: Force Blast
Movement Power: Flight

Appearance: Straight shoulder cut auburn hair and green eyes. Nomex Survival Suit in blue primary and red accents. White eight point starburst pattern on chest. Brown leather short gloves and riding boots. Blue and red spandex, black domino mask (retired costume).

Powers: Myri's barriers manifest in a turquoise color. Her electric green colored energy blasts emanate from her hands. In intense fights or moments of emotion her eyes will glow the same color as her energy blasts.

Power Related weaknesses: Energy sapping devices or powers have been known to interfere with Myri's power. Has recently become more susceptible to mental attacks due to personal tragedy.

Personality: Myri generally has an upbeat and playful personality. She loves interacting with kids when she's suited up and on patrol. Lately however, she has been slipping into brooding silences and has an intense hatred of the Five Dragons organization.

History: Myri's powers of flight manifested at the tender age of 12, when she woke up in the middle of the night after floating up into the ceiling. Her control over force fields and energy blasts developed soon after. She ended up spending the better part of a year developing her powers in secret before she decided to mask up and start fighting crime as Miss Aegis.

Personal strengths: Non linear thought processes. Will often jump from point A to Z while skipping all the points in between. Known for off the wall battle tactics.

Personal weaknesses: Has an almost blinding rage when dealing with the Five Dragons organization, often eschewing any type of tactics in a fight against them. Takes an extreme effort of will to pull herself back and work with anyone she's teamed with when facing the Dragons. Due to her identity being known and not having any type of support structure, Myri is forced to "borrow" money from criminals in order to get by.

Likes: Likes children, often stopping a patrol to play for a bit. Has a particular fondness for kittens. Likes classical music.

Dislikes: The Five Dragons organization, child abusers, and criminals in general.

NPCs in your life: Barb and Henry Kenn'et (Parents: Deceased), Mikey Kenn'et (Younger Brother: Deceased)

Arch Enemies: Unknown - Currently hunting for the Five Dragons member or members who ordered her family killed.

Other: Just a year after suiting up to fight crime, the Five Dragons organization captured a 14 year old Miss Aegis using an experimental power sapping device, torturing her and learning her secret identity. She managed to escape when the device overloaded, but found tragedy when she made it home. Her parents and little brother murdered. The blows kept coming in the days that followed as Myri was outed as a superhero, forcing her to drop out of school and essentially becoming homeless. She is now a high priority target to criminal organizations world wide.

Thanks to Cylops and the quick template found here.

A rundown on Myri Kenn'et (the former Miss Aegis). I have plans to run both heroes and villans through Miss Aegis's fall in a "second hand account" series of missions once the Mission Creator is put into game.

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