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School’s Out! (Gathering of Teen Heroes IC Thread)

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School’s Out! (Gathering of Teen Heroes IC Thread)

“Come on man, I have pizzas to deliver here!” Diego, or rather as he was now in costume, Nagual, whines as he dropped to the concrete quicker that lightning, as a second road work sign flew over his head.

Clad in a full body suit of onyx leather like material, a near gold shimmering pattern of dots like a jaguar over his shoulders and thighs, boots and gloves with golden fur accents, and last but not least a now thoroughly ruined Supreme Phoenix Pizza strapped in a thermal backpack off his shoulder, the young hero looked peeved.

It was supposed to be a simple delivery run after school, just a quick jaunt to a Ashcan brownstone in Highpoint, and after he could head home to Diamond Beach. But no, he had to run into a lone Rook with one very ripped checker vest showing far too much skin, a annoying amount of energy-oh and super strength.

Handspringing back, the feline themed hero took stock of the situation around him-police have cordoned off the area, traffic was halted, and bystanders were inside, filiming on their smartphones and Facebook living the conflict.

Diego could hear the title now: ‘Bradford Boxer Knockoff Curbstomped by Roided Out Rook Hulk Hogan-BYOB’

His admittedly amusing train of thought was cut off by a pounding of concrete, as the Rook decided to forgo throwing more construction equipment at him, and bum rush him with an extended shoulder.

Great, now he’s going to be flattened AND late for his abuela’s tamale dinner. Why couldn’t he have been blessed with a Jaguar amulet that manipulates time and delivers pizza?

Wait, he could use this-focus, Diego.

Chest is covered, it’s already proved that those scratches from his claws just irritated him...his legs don’t look as protected though, and while he isn’t near strong enough to go toe to toe, he could use the environment to his advantage.

Leaping over one of his charges and moving towards the side of street near a lamppost, he forced himself to wait, as he called out:

“What was that?! I thought you guys were all about finding your edge!”

The roar that echoed down the street and answered him nearly made him soil his suit. Yeah he’s dead.

Lining up another charge, Nagual glanced behind him and smirked-perfect. Poising himself like a cat ready to pounce, he steeled himself.


Thump Thump.



Quick as quicksilver he moved forward, not leaping over him like the brute expected but between his legs, one of his magical claws extended, slicing a line across his right ankle, tripping him into the electrical box behind him with enough force to rend it open, sending a series of shocks through the brute’s body and sending his smoking, still breathing body to the concrete with a thud.

Yeah, he could probably skip cheer practice with a workout like that. Hoisting up his precious pizza thermal and dusting it off, the jaguar themed hero offered a quick summary of events to TCPD officers, then leaped for a fire escape and raced towards the brownstone.

Moments later, he found himself panting in the doorway of an open art gallery, the Esphesus university students eyeing him with a mix of hangriness and relief, as he shook the concrete pebbles out of his claws to retrieve his change pouch, and tucked a stray black curl into his cat like cowl.

“Someone order a Phoenix Supreme?”

Yeah, just a typical day in Highpoint, Diego.

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As the final bell for school

As the final bell for school rang and all the classes were quickly dismissed a sophomore student by the name of, Arthur Simek met up with his best friend, James Tynion as the two discussed their current plans for the weekend. While James told Arthur how he was going to be spending most of his weekend doing chores and a little bit of homework, Arthur said he was going to spend his 'free-roaming'.

Arthur was of course referring to his latest vigilante activity he took up no more than a year ago as the media dubbed, Scarlet Striker. While James did urge Arthur to hurry before they miss their bus home, Arthur decided to stay behind and take his own method of transportation back home. Exiting out of the school's backdoors, Arthur suited up in his red, white, and black spandex costume and strapped on his signature 'Grapnel Bracers'.

"Finally, my favorite part of the day. Putting on some more-than-snug tights and acting as superhero. Time to see what's in store for the good ol' "Urban Ninja" of Aurora."

Finally slipping on his mask, Arthur grappled to the top of the school's roof before making a full sprint across and then later off the roof, following the departing school buses.

"WHOOOO HOOOOOO! ALRIGHT!" - Arthur shouted as he felt the adrenaline coursing through his veins as he went into a full, high speed swing through the neighborhood. Never had once in his life did he feel so alive.

However, what's a good superhero without a good run-in with the common thug, right? Arthur stumbled across a pretty C-list baddie who decided to hold up a small convenience store in Old Bradford. While the mugger had his back towards the entrance and a gun aimed at the store clerk, Arthur, or as we would now refer to him as, Scarlet Striker quietly made his way into the building and decided to taunt the gunman.

"Ahem...Hey dude I know it's Friday and you're probably REALLY strapped for cash, but do you really think the best way to kick off someone's weekend is by holding a gun in their face?"

"Who the hell are you supposed to be? Some kinda hero?" - The thug retorted while turning his gun on Scarlet Striker

"What? Noooo...I just run around in skin-tight spandex and a colorful mask for my own amusement...Of course I'm a hero you jack-off!" - Scarlet responded, furiously.

"Well then kid, I hope you enjoyed your run while it lasted." - The thug aimed and fired the gun at Scarlet, only for him to dodge the gunfire and fire a cable from his grapnel bracer at the thug's gun to quickly disarm him.

"Actually, I prefer to swing...running is more of a speedster's shtick and it's a lot more...what's the word-Aerodynamic?"

"You son-of-a...!" - The thug would attempt to throw a bunch at Striker only to be met by a charged fist of glowing, red energy emanating from Striker's hand to punch the thug in the gut and send him flying back into a wall near the clerk's counter.

"Oh yeah! Who's the man? I am! I can get used to this hero thing! And to think, I'm still minty fresh at this whole thing!" - Striker said in confidence, of course.

After the rather quick defeat of the small goon, the cashier was still slightly shaken and intimidated by Scarlet Striker and told him that he can take all the money in the register, just as long as he promised not to hurt him. However, Striker refused and told the cashier to call the cops and with that Striker fled the scene and quickly arrived back to his home in Aurora. Surprisingly right before his school bus could make it to his neighborhood, despite the little "hold up".

Quickly ducking into a nearby alley and changing back into the school clothes he was storing in the backpack he was wearing, Arthur met James at the bus stop so they could walk home together.

"Sup, dude. How was the swing home? Meet any supergirls? Get the key to the city or anything? - James asked, jokingly to say the least.

"Nah, you know. Just another small-time crook. Nothing major yet, bro." - Arthur responded.

After this two arrived at their separate homes and dapped each other up, promising to see each other tomorrow if it was possible. Thus ended another usual day in the life Arthur Simek.

"If I am to die in battle, Remember me for who I was and not what I've become..."

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Billions of cells reacted to

Billions of cells reacted to her touch. The Microbial crystalline life that made her body quickly adapted to the communication of the tree she was now touching. The hard bark was no protection as the microbes sunk into the tree's wood. Guided by her will the millions of alien cells flowed along the sap to the site of the fungus infection. Supercharged by the strange energy the crystal lifeforms went to work killing the fungus and stimulating the tree's natural growth to repair the damage. Then the microbes oozed out of the tree via the leaves showering the 15-year-old looking girls underneath in a rain of golden light.

"There you go. All better now that nasty fungus is all gone." The freshman smiled as she removed her hand from the bark of the Oaktree glad the old sentinel will continue to stand out front of the school. Shifting her backpack she ignored the looks and whispers of the weirdo and other names bullies call the strange. For she was strange the only one of her kind not even her mother was like her. The carbon lifeforms were following their instincts her mind told her. Some awareness ingrained in them knew she wasn't human. Some people call the reaction the Uncanny Valley thought they often use it for androids or computer-generated avatars.

She was almost human looking just enough to pass for one, not enough to fool the human subconscious. It was an interesting reaction she found in the general population. When asked none seem to be able to say why they knew she wasn't normal. The only real clue was her eyes two golden orbs, she still has trouble mimicking the eyeball. Her Mother had a human body to study for a few years before she had fully taken over her host. A shiver went down her spine at the thought of what her mother had to do to survive. It wasn't murder the body she found was technically already dead or at least Crystal was told. Crystal was determined to do things the right way and not resort to such immoral tactics. She just has to keep trying to practice mimic a human form till she has it right.

Leaving the school grounds she headed along the road till she could slip into an alley. Some would call what she has dressed in a bit on the revealing side a touch to much skin, clothing a tad to form-fitting. Still within the guidelines of the School dress code, just bearly in the guidelines. As she walked down the alley that form-fitting outfit seemed to become even more revealing as her skin took on a golden color and glow. Her hair molding to her body and then vanishing integrating once again into her appearance. Then the clothing seemed to be absorbed into her flesh as she lifted up in the air her form no longer human looking. Still, humanoid her form was more streamlined none of those annoying bits. Some would think she was in a skin-tight golden swimsuit, hiding just enough to be decent it was all her normal form. An asexual being composed of trillions of trillions of crystal life forms don't have any need for the naughty bits carbon-based life seems to need. The only thing she didn't absorb was the backpack.

With glee, she lifts up into the air and starts flying. The world was so beautiful up above even the dirtier areas of the city seem to be better from up above the rooftops. The flight was such a wonderful feeling a true gift from the strange energy she seems to generate. A gift from her father thought he never knew her nor was he technically a biological father at all. She was the result of her mother's energy absorbing nature and a hero's cosmic energy. Her body absorbed sunlight much like her mother but generated a variation of that cosmic energy from that Hero. A hero she wants to honor and follow in his footsteps, she will be a Hero!

Gliding over the rooftops at top speed she seemed to be a streak of golden light till she stopped hearing the sound of a car crash. Lowering down she saw a sports car had collided with a minivan. "BILLY!" the scream came from a woman in the minivan as she looked in the back seat. PAIN she was close enough to feel it. Every cut, bruise, and break, she felt as if it was her own body. The not so great gift of her odd power somehow she felt the pain of others.

"Madam let me help I know some first aid." her voice nearly broke as she fought the waves of pain. The worst thing was the near terror she picked up on from the woman's mind. Her Son, Billy was his name she now knew was in the back seat. Rushing to the woman who was holding the limp child. The mother was going into a panic-induced shock. Her glow increased as she reached out and touched the boy's head. Cellular communication was established she instantly knew what was wrong. From her touch, the microbes went to work once again easily passing through the child's skin.

On the cellular level, it was a battle. The microbes spread the healing energy to the damaged tissues, bones repaired, blood retreated back into the cuts, muscles shifted back into pre-accident state. It was longer then Crystal liked the boy's skull was fractured, but for the mother, it was just a few breaths of time. Billy's eyes open "mommy my head hurts." With one last command to the microbes, she removed her touch. "There all better now."

"Thank you..."

"It's my pleasure and duty as a hero of the city."

Billy looked at the glowing golden girl "Um... who are you?"

Three words and the slight emotional high of being a hero came down. "Well... call me Starlight." The sounds of sirens were heard racing for the scene of the accident. "Madam do you need healing? I know you were hurt but it's not life threating and I know some people are touchy about being healed without permission." Such a thing resulted in her life after all. If her father hadn't tried to heal her mother, Crystal would never be born.

"I'm okay... what about the other driver?"

She looked over "Bruised ribs, broken finger... he's more damaged by the high alcohol content in his veins then the car crash. If I heal him I would remove the alcohol I let the ambulance tend to him that way the DUI will be recorded properly." The mother nodded and Starlight touched her shoulder healing her.

Then she headed over the TCPD officer that was getting out of the car. A quick reporting of what she saw and the following healing she performed as well as her analyzes of the drunk driver condition. Then it was up in the air once again away from the empathic and telepathic input she was picking up from the crowd that was forming.

A few minutes later once again in her human form, she entered the basic apartment she lived in. "MOM I'm home!"

From the kitchen, a woman who most would never expect to be the blond girl's mother walked to meet her daughter. The woman was slightly overweight unlike the lean Crystal, she also had jet black hair and dark brown eyes. "I detect blood on your backpack."

Oops... "There was a car accident I had to help. A boy was going to die if I didn't heal him."

Selandra Rose tilted her head and in an emotionless tone "A waste of your energy to save a life of an underage offspring of a human."

"It was the right thing to do. I was there and I have the power, he wouldn't have survived waiting for the ambulance." She tossed the backpack to the ground by a chair she sat down in a huff. Shifting to get the best light coming in from the doorway. "It what Father would have done."

"Your father was a human. Powerful yes but still a native of this planet. We are not, our involvement a risk even if it's beneficial to the carbon-based life. A mistake just a few cells you don't destroy behind you could spawn a new being."


Selandra sighed and glad she had an apartment that was sound proof. "Watch your tone young lady. Do you want the TCPD banging on the door? If I had a window open..." Sighs "Crystal I hunt criminals mostly the drug dealers. I do so to protect our home the City. Not to save people I really don't care about a child the city our territory and those who prey on the weak are predators in our territory. It's my nature to defend my territory."

"Sorry mom, but I'm not like you. I don't see the City as my territory to defend from threats like the mob or drugs. I see people, I feel them, hear their thoughts. I can't ignore that. I know you aren't a hero some even call you a villain on Cape Chasers. Just like you can't ignore your nature, I can't ignore mine. I'm a Hero mom, I heal people."

Selandra sat down in the other seat. "I know, but I made a mistake once. I'm just lucky I got a Hero for a daughter instead of a monster. I don't want you to fight your own offspring because you lost control of a part of your colony."

"I know mom and sorry I yelled. I love you." Crystal wished she could cry her emotions were a bit raw but she knew her mother was right. Just like she knew the words she will say will hurt.

"I wish I could love you back, Crystal. It's one more thing you have that I don't." The two then sat in the chairs soaking up the sunlight. It was dinnertime after all.

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"I'm home, Dad!" Rio Antigua

"I'm home, Dad!" Rio Antigua Grant announced as she closed the door behind her. Ever since That Day, or more accurately since he got released from the hospital, he'd been telecommuting, using a fancy rig with its own connection to the internet and some hard-core ICE and encryption software. Mom worked at an office building Downtown, and she'd be back in a couple of hours; unless she stopped for a carry-out dinner somewhere.

The sounds of the Eighties became momentarily louder as Dad opened the door to his study. "Hey, Rio. Have a good day at school?"

"It was OK. We're looking at Polar Coordinates in math; I'm gonna work on that for a while this afternoon."

"Sounds interesting. And that report for History?"

"All done except for emailing it to Ms Schumaker. I'm going to double check it, first, then send it before working on the math."

Dad shook his head. When Richard Grant had been in high school, computers were a luxury. "All right. See you at dinner."

"Okay!" Rio went up to her room, and closed the door behind her.

After rereading her report, and running through the anti-plagiarism program, she attached the file and sent the email. It took less than ten minutes. Then she started on her other homework. First, she transferred the folder from her laptop to her desktop. The work there was actually done; since That Day it was as if that sort of calculation was done on a subconscious level, and all she had to do was stop and think about it enough to document the intermediate steps. What she was doing now was homework she'd assigned herself.

The first part was visualizing places she'd been, and using her new sense of location to figure out how far and in what direction they were from her in her bedroom in the Grant's Aurora home. The plan was that in a new database she would enter the place name and the polar coordinates in three dimensions. Then she would do the math to convert that to three-dimensional Cartesian coordinates, with longitude and latitude for the X and Y. Then she'd put her phone on a camera mount, hook it up to view the picture on her monitor, and open a small portal from in front of the camera lens to what should be a good ten feet above the ground. Last would be comparing that view with the WebMaps view from the coordinates.

The results were odd; the farther away her target was, the lower the portal opened compared to what WebMaps and her calculations said the altitude was. Farther still, and the WebMaps view was displaced in terms of longitude and latitude, as well, and Rio finally figured out why. She went through her calculations and changed the Cartesian coordinates to spherical coordinates. The new WebMaps views now matched. Just to be sure, she calculated what should be the polar coordinates for the antipodes: 42.8619373,-70.820622 gave -42.8619373,109.179378, and adding in the altitude of her camera...

It took a few minutes to open up the portal that far away, even at the size of the camera lens on her phone. But it worked, and the just barely above sea level view came in on her monitor. So did a bit of the Indian Ocean, courtesy of a higher than average wave. The rim of the portal flared brightly as molecules of water were severed on that theoretical edge. "Acck!" Rio grabbed her phone as she closed the portal. A loud POP!, almost as loud as a firecracker, startled her again. Then she checked her time. It would be close, but she could finish before Mom got back. Adjusting the aim of her camera, consulting on online distance-to horizon calculator to double check her math, and adding another fifty miles to the distance of her portal...

The door and window pulled in as the pressure fell. Fortunately, the camera mount was sturdy enough to not tip into the portal as air flowed past it. "Acck!" But this time Rio didn't close the portal, she opened the window. The crisp breeze flowed in, replacing the air going through the portal. And on the monitor, the coast of Australia was silhouetted against the sunrise...

Rio saved the image, then closed the portal down. It only made the normal amount of noise now, and hopefully the transfer of air wouldn't start any storms. But Rio was much more confident about her ability to put a portal to anywhere she wanted it to go. As long as she kept those other dimensions at zero...

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They say if you say her name

They say if you say her name three times into a mirror, in a dark room illuminated by only a single candle, she'll appear. The Ghost Hero,




For a moment nothing seemed to happen, then suddenly the room temperature dropped sharply and the candle went out. The candle flared back into life on it's own a few seconds later and in the mirror stood a pale girl, with dark makeup, and a dark red hoodie. This was not the reflection of the girl looking into the mirror.

"It worked." She said quietly.

"Eh... Not really." Came a reply behind her.

She spun around and peered into the gloom of the room, but could see nothing out of the ordinary. She looked back to the mirror and only her own reflection stared back at her.

Then with a click of the switch the room's light came on by itself. The girl turned around and there was the one called Hauntress.

A slim girl. Mid-teens, older than herself. Dressed in a dark red hoodie with a skull logo on it, black jeans, and sneakers. A pale face with dark makeup, framed by purple hair, and an expression that seemed 210% done with whatever was going on.

"You're here! Are... Are you really a ghost?"

"Dunno, it's complicated."

"But you're a hero, right?"

"Did you do some silly thing to try and summon something that you don't even know would be friendly? That's stupid... But yes, I'm a hero, I guess. Most of the time, anyway."

"What does that mean?"

"Look did you just want me here so you could ask me 20 questions? I have... Other things I could be doing."

"Oh, no. I need your help, my brother's missing. He got himself involved with a gang, and now we don't know where he is."

Hauntress rolls her eyes and sighs "You got a picture?"

The girl hands over a picture, "He's been gone for a couple of days now, the police haven't found him yet."

"I'll see what I can do. No promises though."

Then the lights flicker, the candle goes out, and she's gone.

She said it didn't work, and yet... The girl sets her ritual back up and says once more into the darkness of the mirror,




This time nothing happened...

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Katheryn "Kate" Webb walked

Katheryn "Kate" Webb walked down the wheelchair ramp at the front of the school, her head moving back and forth slowly. Her dark auburn hair was done up in a braid that just barely brushed between her shoulder blades and fashionable sunglasses adorned her pretty face. Normally, she'd be meeting her Dad at the curb, but she'd finally convinced him that she was able to make the twenty-minute trek to the school on her own instead of being driven by him. She smiled as she thought about him and his worrisome nature when she was out of his sight. He truly wanted what was best for her, but he could sometimes be a bit overbearing.

As she reached the sidewalk, Kate turned left and headed away from the center of Downtown, towards the Aurora border. A light breeze was at her back, but it didn't stop her from noticing the sound of footsteps approaching rapidly from behind. She turned her head and smiled at her best friend Bradley as he ran to catch up with her. "K! Wait up..." he called even as she slowed her pace a bit.

"Sup B?" she asked, returning the one letter appellation that was their thing.

"Not much. Mr. Havelock held me after to talk about my project. You?"

She inhaled deeply in reply, her smile growing wider as she turned her head forwards again. "Just happy to finally be getting out and about. I love Dad, but he can be tedious sometimes."

"That's one of the primary functions of parents, K. To get on our nerves. But then we do the same to them, right?" he answered, eliciting a nod from her.

Bradley got a quizzical look on his face at that moment. "Hang on... where's your cane?" he asked, looking down at her hands.

Kate's eyes went wide and she blushed. "...shit. Thanks B."

She reached down and dug into one of the side pockets of her messenger bag, pulling out a compact black stick. With the click of a button on one end, it telescoped out into a long white cane and Kate began gliding it along the sidewalk in front of her. "Thanks for covering for me. Dad's not quite ready to know I don't need this thing anymore."

Though the cane was still helpful at times, Kate felt like she hadn't needed it for nearly a year, ever since she'd finally gotten used to her... change.

Kate had been born completely blind. But her four working senses had always been strong and as she grew older, they only grew more sensitive and attuned to the world around her. But that had all changed the day her mutant abilities manifested, causing her senses and other physical abilities to suddenly go into overdrive.

If asked, Kate could unerringly identify everything going on around her and in which direction it was happening just by listening for a half-second or from catching a quick whiff. Her grip on the handle of her cane was light, but her fingers could trace every ridge and dip in the subtle patterning of the leather. Her sense of taste was precise enough to identify every ingredient in anything she ate or drank. Even more interesting was that her other physical abilities had also improved. Though she hadn't tested them as much, she was fairly sure that her strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes were now at least Olympian, if not superhuman.

But most fascinating of all was how Kate's manifestation had unlocked an ability that compensated for her sight. She could “see” everything around her through the use of some kind of energy pulse ability. When she'd told Bradley that it felt almost like she was reaching out and touching things, he'd postulated that her ability was telekinetic in nature. After some research and testing, he'd further theorized that it functioned akin to an advanced detection system known as LiDAR.

The two friends chatted about school all the way home to where their brownstones faced each other at the border of Aurora and Downtown. Though he knew she was perfectly capable of doing it herself, Bradley held to tradition by escorting her up the stairs like he'd done when they were younger. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and then they went their separate ways, with Kate heading inside as Bradley crossed the street.

As soon as the door closed, Kate started to put her cane away, but stopped when she realized something was off. It was too quiet. Her Dad normally enjoyed listening to music no matter what he was doing, but she couldn't pick up on any being played in the house. She breathed out slowly and 'expanded' her senses, her head slowly tracking back and forth.

The world seemed to slow and Kate acted reflexively as she picked up on a rush of barely audible footsteps on her left. Lightning fast, she brought her cane up and blocked the overhead blow that would have cleaved her in half. She smiled at her attacker. “Shifu.”

Grim-faced, her attacker disengaged and swiped at her several more times, but she intercepted each one of the attacks with ease. With a sudden move, she got inside their guard and threw them off balance, then used leverage combined with a nerve strike to disarm them. Holding both her cane and the sword, she stepped back and bowed deeply.

Shifu, or as she was more commonly known, Stephanie Webb a.ka. Mom, bowed in return. She then stepped forward and hugged her daughter. “I can't teach you anything further, Katey.”

“Thanks Mom. Where's Dad?”

“He's gone shopping. You hungry?” Stephanie asked.

Before Kate could answer, her stomach rumbled in reply. “Uh, yeah.”

Her mom laughed and they headed towards the kitchen.

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